May. 26th, 2017

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Got my new shoes in today. Guess a new pair is always nice, but seeing as I ordered them online I was a bit wary. My feet are large and hard to fit, so finding anything in the correct 10EEE size is a surprise.

Found a 9.5 EE pair of Sketchers. Never worn Sketchers before. They're actually pretty comfortable so far. Left foot fits well, right foot is a little narrow. Hopefully that will stretch with some wear. Lots of padding in them, again, is also nice after being confined to moccasins for a number of years before Crocs came along.

Back to work tomorrow. Can't sleep as I'm still on night shift schedule. Have to go in a 2p, hoping to sleep from 5a-noon or so. Then I'm up for 36 hours. Yay. But it's at the little clinic so it's better than the main hospital. Did see my first aortic dissection last week, which was pretty gruesome when he didn't respond to the nitro and I realized what it was.

Otherwise, not much else.


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