Jul. 11th, 2017

New purse

Jul. 11th, 2017 02:34 am
soobiebear: (JKeith)
Finally found a new purse. Been on the lookout for six months, given that I dislike purses and much prefer my simple leather wallet shoved into my back pocket it's saying something. It's clearance - otherwise I would not have gotten it, but for $20 it's nice enough. Black and white leather, nice strap to it, and it's not overly big or bulky but it's still structured. Like a big girl grown up bag instead of anything with fringe or metal studs I have gotten in the past. Got some designer name on it but didn't recognize it.

Was up at 5m this morning thanks to a messed up sleep schedule and had all the energy in the world. Worked on the pool, dad laundry and dishes, prepped the jalapenos for pressure canning and had the carne picata marinating, mopped the living room floor all by 9am. Then had to go get dog food and just the short drive across town sucked all my energy. It wasn't bad at the mall while getting my purse, but as soon as I gout out of the Farm & Fleet the car was absolutely roasting and I've been tired ever since. It's only 3am now and I think it's about time for dinner.

Night has been good, not too busy. Carol had a rush on the midshift before me, but we got everyone processed and home and now it's good.


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