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Gonna be busy tomorrow. Luke's got a vet appointment an hour away in Houston, then we have to run back here, pick up William and run the new motorcycle out to Old Town Katy for some repairs, then hit the eye doc's by 2pm. Gonna be a tight squeeze and I'm gonna be real tired come 5pm or so. I've already informed William he's making supper for a change. I hope his idea of cooking isn't Papa Johns again.

Still haven't gotten anywhere with his Nurse Case Manager, she refuses to pick up the phone or call us back. Ended up talking to someone at Lowe's corporate who was actually able to find his information and give us some good leads to start on.

Want to start working on the 'Cover Band' chapter two again. Stuck in some rather awkward heavy smut and it's challenging to write and have it come across as honest. Was going good for a bit, but then I get to the sexy bits and ... I can't write that stuff at work. Good plotty bits, sure, but I just can't do heavy smut at work. My home time is so limited these days, I end up spending my time doing household things, gardening, playing with the dogs... I'm not exactly happy with RockFic at the moment. I think the quality has just gone down the shithole in the last year or so. There's still a few authors I love and will read anything by, but a lot of it is just poorly written. Drabbles, yes, they're crafted and can be short and amazing, but when each chapter is 300 words? Sorry, it's not for me. A little bridge chapter, sure, we all do that, but not every single fucking chapter.

Got the midi back up and running in the studio. Lost both keyboard somehow overnight. There was always that reason I hated midi. With analogue you can see where something's gone wrong, but with midi it's all in the computer somewhere. Some fucking menu or option. Frustrating as hell.

Right, going to check my flyers at midnight and then get to bed. Won't have to leave until after rush hour, but it's still a long drive.


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