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Normally not much in the ER bothers me, aside from assholed entitlement.

1. Lady (I use the term very loosely) comes in with her mother. Daughter is my age, refuses to speak with registration or nurses, mother does everything. Fine, ok, whatever. Complaints of generalized abdominal pain, nausea, does not appear to be in too much distress. She's a big girl, bigger than our Big Mike. BMI was well over 50. Again, whatever, gonna figure it out and shake my head and send her on her way. She's pregnant. Didn't say anything about possibly being pregnant. Her thighs were the side of a human, so how could you find it? UUugh, I felt so bad ordering that transvag ultrasound. Poor Stephanie had to get in there. So to add to the myriad of preexisting chronic lifestyle conditions, now she's pregnant. Patient grabbed up her discharge papers from the nurse's hand and waddled her way out mad. Like it was my fault she's pregnant. Directed her to prenatal care and OB, doubtful if she'll take on any of it.

2. Woman in her late 20s brings in her 3 year old son with a penis infection. Boys put it in everything and aren't the cleanest. Mother stated that no one ever told her she had to pull back the foreskin and clean underneath. I was surprised this kid could pee he was so badly constricted and clogged up. I just don't get it. I know she was told at his birth that she had to clean him, and she's obviously handled a dick before if she's had a kid. Uuuuugh! I feel really bad for the kid, the mother not so much.

We license people to drive cars and clean teeth and carry guns. Isn't it about time you need a license to have a child?

In other news, finally got the oil changed on my car. What a fiasco. Went to bed at 10am and got up at 6p so now I'll be up all night again even on my day off. Guess I should clean the house a bit.


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