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William's gone OTR to work a bit again. Because of the amount of gear he had to bring he took the car. I'm left without a vehicle in the middle of the suburbs. If I was still in NY it wouldn't have been a problem, but it's houses for miles down here. On the plus side I'm still fairly young and healthy, so a few miles hike isn't going to kill me. Uncomfortable, yes, but if I absolutely need something I can get to a store or the doctors.

Leisure travel is pretty much out of the question.

Did get the bicycle out again - had to take a form over to the water department. First time I've ridden since David's mother died. Kinda stopped after that, not really sure why. 'Tis ok, tires were a bit low but that was easy enough to fix.

Pool is on the mend. Got the plaster patched up and filled the bastard. Working on balancing the chemicals now. Looks perfect for now but want to make sure the algae doesn't take hold. I think a lot of the problem (other than the pool guy turned out to be a major fuck up) is that I relied on William to do the little maintenance. I can't rely on him for anything, not keeping the pool up, not medicating the dogs, not even pulling out a protein from the freezer for dinner. I'm busy as fuck when he's gone, but the dog's eyes and ears miraculously clear up, the pool stays blue, and the yard is neat and tidy. Bad bas repeating pattern I should learn from.

Already vacuumed much of the house. Still lots of spring cleaning to do, but I have a few days before heading back to work. I'll get it there eventually.
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