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Finally slept some from about 12:30 to 3pm but was unfortunately interrupted by some phone calls. One time I was having a great (and I mean f'iggin awesome) dream that was interrupted by a telemarketer. Grr.

So I was dreaming I was watching YouTube, which is weird enough anyway, but I found a video of Ellefson in the showers. Looked like a stadium type of shower set up, and Ellefson was probably from 1990-1993 era. He was in the toilet/sink area of the showers shirtless and talking to the camera, razzing on another guy in there with him. Now, couldn't see his face, but he was slim to slightly muscled with dark blonde very light brown hair. Straight and maybe mid-scapula. Don't you love how brain remembers really important things. Not a face, but man, I know what his hair looked like. So Ellefson is saying some really rude things like he used to back in the day, just ripping on this other guy who is completely naked. Then the camera jostled around as people moved, that's how I know it was shot with one of those over the shoulder VHS units they used to have. That kind of movement. Next thing I see is naked guys back and butt and move movement, he's facing the camera and Ellefson's touching his dick, saying more rude things. Not sexually touching it, but like flopping it and laughing. Of course the guy is pushing him away. Then it cuts over to Ellefson and you finally see he's naked too, but he's semi hard and is kinda got is fingers around the top of his balls and holding them, squishing his dick against his stomach. Then the blondish guy walks into the shower room through a dark doorway and I get a good look at his butt.

-edit- Oh yeah, I remember the blonde guy had a big patch of hair at the base of his spine. More than normal. Not long or anything, but enough to notice.

Took me a minute to realize I wasn't actually watching Youtube and was dreaming. Couldn't find the video again to reload it and it was pissing me off. Because I was asleep and didn't know it.

I just want some normal dreams for once brain. I normally don't remember a thing and then it shoves something like this at me. Thank you. NOT!

Got moving this morning and got some Water JB Weld at Lowes. Got it applied and it's curing, we will see if it holds when I put more water in the pool.

Got the IGR spray down last night after the carpets dried from steam cleaning. It worked great last time we had a tick problem, so hoping it works just as well on fleas. Gonna take a while as it's not a killer, but it just keeps the fleas from sexually maturing, so after a few cycles there are no more baby fleas.

Steak for dinner. Looking forward to some iron and potatoes.


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