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Got in a good ten miles or so today before I blew the back tyre on the bike again. Hit the lip of a concrete cut out for a drainage sewer and instantly knew I was on the rim. No saving the tube, although the tire and rim look ok. Had to walk home about three miles, thank god I was on the way back home from the loop. So now I am totally without transport. Gonna get up and walk over to the bike store for a specialty tube (700c 25 with a Schrader) and then walk all the way back home. Uuugh. Walmart doesn't carry them, that would be the easy answer, and I can't wait two weeks for an order to come in from Amazon.

Plus on the walk back my right shoe started rubbing on my heel, come to find out I've worn through it and the shoe innards is rubbing against skin. Great. I've ordered new shoes from Bealls - a bandaid and some moleskin will work temporarily but it's just lovely. All at once, you know. Hate the bike I have now anyway, I stole it from William and it's not really suited for the riding I do. I need a hybrid or a mountain bike and his is definitely a road bike.

Talked to my biodad a bit. Found out he likes Singapore slings. Who would have guessed. Then again, it's a far stretch that I'm obsessed with caipirinha unless you know how it's all connected. Guess there was a bar he used to frequent and he got talking to the bartender after ordering his beer, and the bartender started trying out a new mixed drink on him every week.

Dinner was ok. found some frozen mystery meat in the freezer. Defrosted it, turns out it was really thin slices of beef, probably sirloin. So just pan fried it with some mushrooms, garlic, and onions. Pretty simple. Going to see if there's any more mystery protein. I'll eat anything and run with what it turns out to be. William not so much.

Other than that, not much. Had a ficlet pop out of nowhere yesterday, Rush of all things. Was pretty shitty, but at least I wrote something.


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