May. 29th, 2017 05:56 pm
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Finally got myself a new bicycle just for me. William can have his racing bike back now. Took a Memorial Day sale and a 20% off coupon and a free shipping code but I got an afforable entry level bike. It's not WalMart shit quality, but in no way is it the level of quality the people at the bike store were trying to sell me. It's ok. It's basic. It will work. I can afford it. That's all I asked for. Sure a $1k is going to be nice, it had better be for the price, but when it gets stolen as it eventually will, it doesn't matter how nice it was. Going to take a week or so to get in, but that's ok. It's got good ratings from the pro-bike websites, with the disclaimer it's the cheapest they would possibly even consider under the right circumstances. Well, those are my circumstances. If I was doing the BP MS150 or the Tour De France, yeah, I'd drop several thousand on a bike. But I'm not. I'm going to the grocery store or just cruising around town for some exercise. I think it will work.

Picked up a shift tonight 10p-630a so I'm gonna try and stay busy up until work time, then grab some tea when I get into work for some energy. Going out with Rebecca tomorrow so I have to sleep when I get home in the morning.

Time to go make some doggie stew. Lots of veggies were on sale at the asian market, so they have all sorts of root vegetables to eat.
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