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Jun. 20th, 2017 04:07 am
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Sometime I love working with prog. It's fascinating, endlessly creative, and can go anywhere.

Other times it's just a pain in the ass.

Trying to synch up a track now where the lyrics technically start on the 5 (or -1) and then the strum comes on the one. It sounds right when you play it, but it doesn't read right or chart well. That and all the AmDim7Sus6thDropG fucking pretzel fingers. These aren't even real chords. They're not even Guitar Craft chords back transcribed. You threw your guitar down the stairs and taped it. "Tune to DDDGBD and Capo 3rd" I shit you not. Freaking Mitchell polio chords.

Life is the same. I'm alive. Woohoo for that. Have seen in the last week:
a stabbing to the face
a man high on crack and having a psychotic break (perhaps related perhaps coincidental)
a five year old who suffocated his two year old brother
another two year old with a seizure ongoing 3 hours before parents brought her in
non-verbal autistic child who ripped off his own cornea

Burnt. Done. Just give me an acute MI I can ship off to the cath lab and be done with. Wish I could go back OTR, I miss it. Different kind of stress. Much higher payout, even if the paycheck is shit. Jonesing for travel, which isn't good. I wanted the Local life, now I've got it, day job and all.

June WHIP your WIPs is a non-starter. I took the laptop into work and couldn't even open it. Why can't I write a romantic love scene? Something nice and squishy and cuddly. I have the ending plotted out, I just have to get through the 'making love not fucking' scene and I'll be done with it. UUgh. Going back to ProTools. Lesser of two evils right now.
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