Jul. 15th, 2017 07:38 pm
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Slid around on brains last night. Been a while since I had to do that. Sadly the media really got the story messed up so the public at large will be confused and panicked, but long story short is the guy died. We never did find an exit wound anywhere on his head so the bullet was probably still in there. The coroner will find it. Drugs and guns don't mix, ok people? Ft. Bend will not really be looking for the shooter; odds are he slipped back into Houston somewhere without a trace.

EMS made us laugh though. The guy is GCS three, no blood pressure and only PEA, so what do they do while his brain is leaking out? That's right, shock him! Uhh, yeah, 'cause that will fix a fatal brain injury. We broke out our best Gomer Pyle voices 'Look, 'ee jumped, 'e'll be aight!' Horrible really, but the guy should have been called on the scene, there was nothing anyone could do for him. Instead it really just caused more paperwork and mess.

Got my shoes cleaned up though. Got a good scrubbing and disinfect from the linen service. They look almost brand new. Should get them sent out more often.

Doing some work for Joseph. More than likely will take a few weeks if I work at it on a regular basis. Not the most exciting, but he pays well for a vanity project. Gotta get the 002 set up again - would be nice to have a bigger setup but I'll deal with eight tracks. Bank bank bank bank bank... uugh. It distracts from the knife and gun club for a while.
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