Nov. 15th, 2014 12:33 am
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 photo 10734184_834414509943643_6611012393014041852_n_zpsa20732f3.jpg

No news today. Just had to share the Lerxst love.
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Happy Columbus Day, the only holiday where we celebrate someone who discovered an already settled area.

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Just got off the phone with my dental insurance carrier about William's visit yesterday. I expected it to be expensive - the man has the worst oral hygiene ever and has several broken/missing teeth.

A temporary partial was U&C cost $620. The lazy bitch at the window quoted me $350 after insurance. Each. He needs two. So we paid, whatever. Got the receipt and I was looking at my Carrier Policy/Manual. That code should have been copay $41. Yeah, minor difference there sweetcakes.

Called insurance to verify, the book is right, they overcharged by $600. So they called the dentist. Their excuse - didn't have the formulary in front of them, which I know to be a lie. Where did they come up with the $350 then? How did they figure out how much his crown & build up were going to be?

Wonder how many other people they've mis-billed over the years. Thankfully I question everything after having been in the business, but people like my mom would just pay it and never think twice. $20 here and there whatever, but $600? How hard is it to actually look at the policy that pops up on the screen? I watched the guy at the front desk verify he had active coverage, then I watched the biller pull it up again and work things out.

So mad right now. Incompetence knows no boundaries.
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Bunch of quick things, going to do a dump and run and explain later tomorrow at work.

1. Kathy's PET scan denied again, emergency biopsy show's it's another cancerous tumor.

2. Motorcycle helmet, FTW.

3. Food, I likes it

4. Notepad ate that last fic chapter. Grrr.

5. If you aren't impressed, you weren't watching.

6. Gotta hit Home Depot and the tobaccanist tomorrow.

7. Discovered I like okra chips. Like, really like okra chips.

8. Dog ate my finger. Ouchies. Will live, but it's a nasty slice.

9. Pepper plants are doing phenomenal. Tomatoes are dead again. Nag Jolokia has blooms so will have peppers in a while. Habeneros.... Anyone want some, I have a lot.

10. Made it to ten. Larry says always make it ten.

11. Because I forgot, Nick's UFO saga.

12. Brad and Sally are probably moving to Dallas. Will explain later.
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There is a tv in the waiting room of my er. It doesn't have a remote and climbing to change the channel is an adventure. Someone left it on a 'Sex and the City' marathon. Mind, I've never watched it before.

OMG how annoying did it sound. Music was horrible, and whatever sort of narrator.... uugh! Just dreadful.

Got a bit written tonight and have some direction for the next chapter so that's good. Still a much longer piece than I ever had intentions for.


Jul. 14th, 2014 09:13 pm
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William wants to go motorcycle 'browsing' tomorrow. Given his history of Mine! and Now! I do not think this will end well. Thank god he's only looking at 250cc beasts. Our old 650 was just too big.


Jul. 2nd, 2014 10:16 pm
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Woke up this morning after a particuarly strange/good dream of someone trying to put a banana up my butt. Felt good. William asked why I was up early with a smile. That'll do it.
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Got that new Michael Kelly guitar finally. William loves the feel of it, which is what matters. I love the bookmatching. Few minor scratches, nothing that isn't usual wear & tear.

Dumped lots of chemicals in the pool. Its actually bue for now. Cloudy, but blue. Hope it stays that way.

Freddys back to work, don't know what he has to do with the new dwi charge, but he's covering his shifts at least.

New financial aid girl Irene looks exactly like Trin and it still freaks me out. I expect to be able to blabber to her in Danish and have her understand. Sadly, no.

Red has just hit the mark where the heartworms are dying and are being ejected. Poor dude is in so much pain it's heartbreaking. He thinks he's my boyfriend, finally figured that one out. He's trying to protect me even through his illness and William's had a hard time dealing with him. Red probably thinks if he hurts everyone is hurting. He's not aggressive with me at all but he sits in or near my lap every minute he can get.

Gotta head out to Sprouts and hit their Saturday sale. Raspberries for $1 fuck yeah.

Worked on writing last night, adding a lot of stuff about the old house on 7th Kevin's parents used to have and the one party. Will add the visene/dog bit from the west side fire station. I could go on. Too much fun.
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Had the weirdest dream last night. Akerfeldt and his wife were having a baby - really more like she was actually in labor. Walked through some sort of school. Never been there before. Rectangular with a big courtyard in the middle. Lots of dark brown wood and roof overhangs shading the windows. Mrs. Akerfelt got on a table by the shed in the middle of the courtyard to have the baby and I said something to Mikael, like a warning, and then I woke up. Wasn't even thinking of him today. Weird.
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Day off today, so after a few hours of gardening in the 108 heat factor, I decided to come inside and watch 'World's End' and play the drinking game.

Housework is so much more tolerable when you're plastered.

Hands are filthy, but one more flower bed is weeded, fabriced, and mulched. Still have to mow the lawn, but that will have to be tomorrow.

No takers on the request for plot help. Dangnabit. Guess it's back to the burn fic until I can sort out Quantum Leap.

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Sometimes some songs out of your past just get stuck in your head. I have no idea why 'Frank's Wild Years' got stuck today, but did it ever. Last night it was 'Fat Lady of Lindburg'. Can't I just have normal songs stuck, like stuff other people would agree with.

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Better version of the fence photo. Still have stacks of pickets in the garage, but the weather hasn't been cooperating.

 photo IMG_20140513_124055_zps7168dba9.jpg

The lone tomato! And the bugs haven't eaten it yet.

 photo IMG_20140513_124031_zps494510d6.jpg

Here's the garden as it is right now. Things are actually growing, can't figure out the cause (early planting start, better stock, landscape fabric, more sun, etc) but it seems to be working.

 photo IMG_20140513_123938_zps0ba34dc0.jpg

Went out for lunch today (BJ's Brewhouse - skip it) and then had a nap. That's been it. Kinda of a wasted day, but I needed the sleep. Did stay up late to watch the storm last night. Got a lot of things to do tomorrow, so should be a bit more productive.
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Somehow the accountant figured out I'm owed a refund of just over a grand. Hot damn I don't have to pay in! Don't know how he did it, don't really care. I know the quarterlies have been the suck and the whole 'not working' lowered my overall income. Hopefully can do the kitchen floor with the funds. Don't know when they'll be dished out, but an actual floor in the kitchen sounds wonderful.

Still gotta get showered & moving. Was playing ball with the twins and have a massive headache from the sun. Grrrrr...


Apr. 7th, 2014 09:02 pm
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Oh lord am I sick. Thought about checking into the er but that would be too much like a patient. Fever, abdo pain, lethargy. Rx motrin, water and sleep. Deise had it and so does Beatriz. Thanks random patient! Made it through 4 hours at work and had to go home sick.

Freezie pops for the win

It worked

Mar. 27th, 2014 11:49 am
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After a week of torturing myself with Swedish Massage, I have finally talk ed my way into having intercourse with the partner of my choice. It doesn't happen often, and although I had to do all thebwork it was still pretty darn good.

I would like to do it again. If I was a normal 34 year old human I'd say tomorrow or the next day but the sad reality is that it will probably be late April or May.


Mar. 18th, 2014 12:58 pm
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RIP Cash. He went to the big Farm in the sky earlier today. Stephanie from the rescue was there, and Dr. Sloat was actually pretty good about it. Just professional and did his thing, got Cash sedated before they did it so he didn't freak out. All you can ask, I guess. He is being cremated and will be returned to us to live with Boo, Basil, & Dorrie.

I don't think Lucky quite understands what's happened yet. He's still sleeping.

Wank Fail

Mar. 14th, 2014 02:08 am
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Why why why why why why why is this

So much sexier than this?

Fail at masturbation. Watched some porn, couldn't do it. Five minutes of Roundhouse Tapes and I'm done.

Can't I just be normal for once? Or can Peter Lindgren take his shirt off?
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Dragged Mom out to Memorial City. She wanted a haircut at the mall like she usually gets. So I found her the same chain salon she goes to at Great Northern here in Houston. The employees are a bit more 'wild' but hopefully she's more comfortable. She didn't like the experince of the Vietnamese place I go to in Katy. Granted my hair is a lot more basic and easier to work with, plus she just like a little pampering without doing the 'WAG' style $200 haircut the rich ladies prefer at a private salon.

Worked on the yard this morning before anyone woke up. Got the last of the walkway shrubs cut down and the lawn mowed. Two more bags of leaves out at the curb. Still need to get the pine branches and palms put of the back. Meh, tomorrow. Plus Ma has a shopping list.
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Still sick, but not enough to justify staying home from work. Damn I hate being a moral human sometimes. The honey has helped! I have a small pot that I take dips from when I feel it seizing up again, and it's hella better than the Chlorasptic spray (aka Evil Death).

Got the fic finished, editing. Editing. Cutting words, formatting, all the fun stuff.

[Poll #1958508]

I kind of like Cows on the Ice, but the idiom doesn't exactly translate well. Serifot is so removed from anything that it could probably work. Never good at titles. I'll think of it and a few days after I give up and just post it, I'll think of something great. Very sad to close out the fic, I really got involved. Is it weird to say I'm going to miss the characters? I learned a lot about their little town and did tons of research. To me that's still the fun part, poking around google maps and looking at restaurants and walking paths, figuring out how other languages work. Again, freakshow! (points at self)

Got the bills paid finally. Car insurance bill came around again as well, new car caused the premium to double. Might be looking around for another carrier very shortly.


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