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I've come to realize just how lucky I am. On occasion, I have a job that I truely love, so much so that it doesn't seem like work most of the time. It's not my livelyhood, but it is my life.

A little girl went to Bethel...

Got to watch and help a bit with a new install. Fuck it was gorgeous.

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It might look like an 8078, but it's not. It's got some special modifications based on designs by none other than Sir George and Geoff Emerick. Hell, the bandwidth goes up to 100KHz before it really starts rolling off. 106dB dynamic range? Fuck me! I can't even begin to list off the tracks that have gone through her, whether it was in AIR or in A&M LA. It's amazing just to be in the same room as her. The Robinson Brothers (Black Crowes) were in and out watching, they've got the other room booked and were poking their noses in when they could.

Learned quite a lot, it's hard to find good old analog stuff and people willing to teach anymore. Most everyone it straight digital these days, it's downright disgusting. Only problem is that my little Beringher seems like complete shite now. I really want that Yamaha I saw. Hoping for a good, quick tax refund sos we can snap it up.

But... I think the best part of eveything was actually getting to a Midnight Ramblers gig. Best $150 I've ever spent on a gig. You know it's going to keep the house up and put food on the table, not just going up someone's nose.

Lord, I was born a Ramblin' Man )

Spent a good portion of this morning just pitzing around: sweeping carpet and putting away spare parts. Went for a bit of a drive sightseeing. Finally found Parnassus Lane after driving past it a few times. The crumbling slate did not agree with my shoddy foreign-car tires, but made it down the road.

Stoll Road? Parnassus? )

Drove around a bit, wandered and parked on Zena Road for a bit. Something about Rick and deer is still there. There was a giant heard off in a clearing, just eating away and not too skittish. Lots of deer everywhere. Getting near the end of the rut season but it was sunny and warm and they probably had other things on their mind than strange humans watching them.

Weird how you can go to someplace and still feel the presence of someone there even after many years. He's got a little graveplaque in Woodstock, along with the one in Simcoe. It doesn't hurt as much anymore, but it still does.

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