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Stolen from the TUBE guys:

Roger Waters
Roger Waters - 2010-09-15 - Toronto, ON
Roger Waters - 2009-09-16 - Toronto, ON
Roger Waters - 2010-09-18 - Toronto, ON
Roger Waters - 2010-09-20 - Chicago, IL
Roger Waters - 2010-09-21 - Chicago, IL
Roger Waters - 2010-09-23 - Chicago, IL
Roger Waters - 2010-09-24 - Chicago, IL
Roger Waters - 2010-09-28 - Cleveland, OH
Roger Waters - 2010-09-30 - Boston, MA

Roger Waters - 2010-10-03 - Boston, MA
Roger Waters - 2010-10-05 - New York City, NY
Roger Waters - 2010-10-06 - New York City, NY
Roger Waters - 2010-10-08 - Buffalo, NY
Roger Waters - 2010-10-10 - Washington, DC
Roger Waters - 2010-10-12 - Uniondale, NY
Roger Waters - 2010-10-13 - Uniondale, NY
Roger Waters - 2010-10-15 - Hartford, CT
Roger Waters - 2010-10-17 - Ottawa, ON
Roger Waters - 2010-10-19 - Montreal, Quebec
Roger Waters - 2010-10-22 - Columbus, OH
Roger Waters - 2010-10-24 - Detroit, MI
Roger Waters - 2010-10-26 - Omaha, Nebraska
Roger Waters - 2010-10-27 - St. Paul, MN
Roger Waters - 2010-10-30 - Kansas City, MO

Roger Waters - 2010-11-03 - East Rutherford, NJ
Roger Waters - 2010-11-06 - New York City, NY
Roger Waters - 2010-11-08 - Philadelphia, PA
Roger Waters - 2010-11-09 - Philadelphia, PA
Roger Waters - 2010-11-11 - Philadelphia, PA
Roger Waters - 2010-11-13 - Sunrise, FL
Roger Waters - 2010-11-14 - Sunrise, FL
Roger Waters - 2010-11-16 - Tampa, FL
Roger Waters - 2010-11-18 - Atlanta, GA
Roger Waters - 2010-11-20 - Houston, TX
Roger Waters - 2010-11-21 - Dallas, TX
Roger Waters - 2010-11-23 - Denver, CO
Roger Waters - 2010-11-26 - Las Vegas, NV
Roger Waters - 2010-11-27 - Phoenix, AZ

Polka Intro

Sep. 1st, 2010 10:29 pm
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Yeah, so, well, that is what it is.

In other news, I have another show to share, this time it's Rush in celebration of tomorrow's festivities. Peart's first Rush gig, matter of fact. That it's near unlistenable is inconsequential. Four tracks, hey they were opening.

Finding My Way 5:07
In The Mood 3:48
Bad Boy 5:26
Working Man/Drum Solo 10:36

Shn-->MP3 @ 256kbps

Sound: 2-4/10
Performance: 8-9/10

RapidShare link

Seriously, "Polka Intro" to La Villa Strangiato? It's gonna be one hell of a night tomorrow. At least it's an encore. "Reggae Intro"..... .... .. ?
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Dorian is in his new forever home now. What a trip it was. Ill-advised, but it certainly could have been worse. We were in the *mountains* and for a NY boy with long hair and a leather jacket it's not always a good place to be. The town (Sylva NC) is actually where the movie Deliverance was filmed. If you've never seen it, it is a good view into how 75-80% of the USA actually is. The bonuses were that we did a stealth run at night, just in and out and didn't hang around too much. Got a fancy rental car courtesy of SPV - no wonder they had/have money issues. Weather was good going down, but bad coming back up. Hit that big mountain going east on I-40 between Asheville and Raleigh-Durham in a thick fog. If you've been there you know the one I mean. Also lots of fog in the Pocanos. Face it, Pennsylvania always sucks for driving. Either it's bad weather, construction, deer, or just idiot drivers.

I hate traveling with William, we're just too opposite on the road. He wants to know exactly how far to each exit and I'm just like "I dunno, it's exit 39B, keep going." He wants to laze in the hotel room until 9 or 10am and I'm ready to go by six. I want to eat breakfast, since I can, and he doesn't want to. He skips dinner, that's a big no-no with me. You don't take my supper without reason. I love driving at night, he'd rather drive during the day but then he sleeps it all away. He was the one in charge of actually getting directions for there and back, it's a good thing I got them on my own anyway because he just figure I'd know to get them anyway despite he stating he would get them. Grrrr... I just don't travel well with him. I went to be at midnight or 1 most of the travel days, he was up until 4 or 5. You sleep when you can on the road, not when it's 'convenient' for you. He would have been oil spotted so bad... Thought about it, but you just can't do that when it's not business.

Dorian is just as lovely as his pictures made him out to be. He's got a great temperament and although he's still a little shocked from the trip and getting out of his foster home. He's already up my butt at the time. Thinking he's more purebred cocker than anything else, he's got the 'show' walk/jog down and just seems to run that way on a lead. He was a very good boy for someone back in the day before he fell on hard times. His farts absolutely stink though. Boy's got some problems there. He's allergic to all gluten things, so this special food he's on is probably what's doing it to him. Venison and Bison and sweet potatoes. He seems to like it.

Still recovering a bit, didn't get much sleep in and now have all sorts of laundry to do. Never seems to be enough time. The optical day job is giving me about 3-4 hours of take home work per day, in addition to the other projects I've been working on so there's just no time. Even now I'm typing up some medical letters. Highly illegal because I'm not supposed to take charts out of the office, but when the hell else would it get done? Watch, I won't get busted for the drugs or the prostitutes or tax fraud, it'll be for taking work home with me.

Things are... else wise exciting. Karen Taylor died from her spider cancer or Thurday or Friday last week. She was in a lot of pain so it was good. Floyd is kinda beside himself, but he knew it was coming. Karen was a hoot, all Native American and piss and vinegar. She called them like it was and didn't give a rat about being popular or liked. She'll be missed.

Amy's being deported middle or end of next month. That shit sucks, they appealed twice and got screwed over by cash hungry lawyers, so maybe she'll be allowed back at some point to live with her husband, maybe not. The baby has to go with her too, so there's America breaking up yet another happy family.

Ron, contrary to popular rumour, did not have a fucking happy holiday, he was in hospital with a blood clot. Don't know where things like that get started. Yeah, I wish he could have had a better season, but at least he's alive. Stopped at his house in Ithaca just to make sure it was still standing and he does have some of his friends keeping it up while he's away.

Got a letter from my granny today, that's always a nice thing to come home to. She's 80 and starting to lose it a bit, but she's my gran.

Found a good Alan Parson's bootleg. It's an actual board recording, and seems to be a fun setlist. Haven't listened to it yet, but why waste time not sharing. Someone will get a kick out of it.

Alan Parsons Project - 2009-08-06 - Los Angeles, CA (Sbd mp3@192)
01 - Speak to me
02 - Breathe
03 - On the run
04 - Time
05 - The great gig in the sky
06 - Money
07 - Us and them
08 - Any colour you like
09 - Brain Damage
10 - Eclipse
11 - Breakdown. The raven
12 - We Play the game

Megaupload link

Will get some pics up of Dorian as soon as I can. Been shooting in RAW mode and while it's nice photo wise, it's such a pain in the ass to work with.


Dec. 30th, 2009 08:09 pm
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(sigh) Why is everyone named Dave completely fucking batshit crazy? From my brother to my boss they're all insane.

I've had 'Night Train to Munich' in my head all day and I don't know where it came from. Not exactly the sort of thing you hear on the radio.

The radio station I was hanging out in this morning had a pretty cool morning personality guy. He played some John Prine on air and said how much he liked his songs. Didn't play 'Illegal Smile', the famous one, played 'Everything is Cool' a somewhat obscure track. Great stuff. And he said Lucinda Williams is great, bonus points. Just a cool guy, said he did a few tours in Vietnam and was all messed up but has gotten himself straightened out.

For those interested, it's bootleg time.

Steve Hackett, Pordenone Italy 14 March 09. It's in flac, so downloading will take a while.

Fire On The Moon
Every Day
Ace Of Wands
Pollution B
The Steppes
Serpentine Song
Firth Of Fifth
Acoustic Set
Walking Away From Rainbows
Blood On The Rooftops

Mechanical Bride
Spectral Mornings
The Wall Of Knives
Fly On A Windshield / Broadway Melody Of 1974
Please Don't Touch
A Tower Struck Down
In That Quiet Earth
Storm Chaser
Los Endos

Copy and paste into browser, it'll take you to the list of links 'cos I ain't typing all that shit up.

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Went shopping with the gang today. Had to get out of the house as the phone wouldn't stop ringing. William was trouble, as he always is. Went to a used bookstore on 57 because I always get the kids one book a year. So I got the kids one book each, three kids total of $15. William decides that today is his Christmas and purchases $50 for himself, and that was after making him put back several books. Went to Daddy's (band equipment), someone must have unloaded a few jackets because there were all old skool buttons. Found one of Joey and put it on him, better than the 'I'm big in Japan' shirt from last year. Kinda funny when he couldn't see it without his glasses. Best part was the two guys ringing us out were named Cliff and Jayse. I know, rite lol. Unfortunately they looked nothing like and were kinda modern hipster queer that I don't dig. Came out of it with another furman and a Manley wah, post Vai. They did have a nice Ibanez 12acoustic but decided against it in the cold weather.

Heading back tomorrow for round two. Gonna dip farther south and hit mid Syracuse and points south. Because now I have a lot to talk about and can get it out a bit.

They've done a PR on the 4tour. It's only as Sonispheres for now, but other dates are being pursued. Don't call me, call management and legal. They can talk, I cannot. I will say that Bush has stepped up to do vocals, not Joey. So leave me out of it. I am done with it.

Other news is that Trudy is suing the LepCamp. If you saw the money she's asking for as her 'cut' and compared that to what I made, or what any of the other crew made you'd be laughing.

Here's an old bootleg from the Archives Du Soob, 'cos I'm feeling nostalgic thinking about a trip through Cleveland that's coming up.

Humble Pie BBC Studios 9-9-70
01 I'm Ready
02 Live With Me Track
03 Stone Cold Fever
04 Hallelujah (I Love Her So)
05 Walk On Gilded Splinters
06 The Sad Bag Of Shakey Jake
07 One Eyed Trouser Snake Rumba

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Red as a tomato. Just put some eczema creme on it to get rid of the tightness. Aloe gel only worked for about five minutes then it hurt again. Walking has been fun as the tight skin on my shins has forced me to toe-walk. Not much different from usual for me, but I really notice how much I do toe walk when I try to flat foot it. Wore a skirt today, jeans were out of the question. Managed to get through the day. Showering was fun. Almost called someone to help hold me up. Wouldn't be the first time, but pride kept me going and I did it all by myself.

Went through a few more things on the camera.

Two from Blossom )

Had to get the cat out of a tree about an hour ago. Him and this other black cat in the neighbourhood are constantly at it. Ian got treed good, but ended up with a mouth of black fur. Had to get the ladder out and coax him down. Me, in my silk nightgown and flip flop slippers, with my burnt ass legs balancing on the telescoping aluminum ladder trying to get the still freaked out cat down. What a handful he is.

Talked to some freak today. He was supposedly selling a Neumann. Talked to him a bit more, he was cagey about giving out a model number. Come to find out he's calling it a 'Neumann-Electrovoice'. Gimme a break. Neumann, sure I'll buy it even broken. I'm not in the market for an EV. Wasting my time. Fucker. Pissed me off 'cos I was at the office and trying to get shit done.

In better news, an Answer bootleg for my mate Babzz. 30June 2009 Hampden Park, Glasgow Scotland. Didn't get tape of the other opener (The Subways) or the main bill ACDC. This is all I was asking for. ;)

Download link
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Since [ profile] __ashram got me to share one of my Tull videos, I thought I'd share it with everyone else.

It's pro-shot from 1977-02-10 Golders Green Hippodrome. Pretty good stuff.

1. Skating Away
2. Jack In The Green
3. Thick As A brick
4. Songs From The Wood
5. Velvet Green
6. Hunting Girl
7. Aqualung
8. Guitar Solo
9. Wind Up
10. Locomotive Breath

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

The amazing part of the weekend was meeting up unexpectedly with a familiar face.

Andy's gone on the Sugarland crew now. He's doing well, busy with the eastern midwest right now. Other than that all is well. My car needs an oil change, but it will have to wait. On the road again tomorrow, this time north. If anyone's in the Toronto area, gimme a holler. I've got a block of time around lunch with nothing to do. Any good places to eat around EMI Canada HQ?
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Went looking in my case for my ratcheting screwdriver and it's gone. The fucking active electronics in my Ibanez died again and it's so much easier with my little screwdriver. Gone somewhere between here and California. Can't even find one in the local shops (Ace, Burke's, Sears, Lowes, Home Despot...) so gonna have to go ebay trawling.

Hawk has said he wants to hook up with me next year at Namm. That would be cool. I think Kevin said he's going next year again. Should be fun. Would lovelovelove to hang out with The Peev more but we'll see when we get there.

Bootleg time! Priest from SECC Glasgae. 16/2/09 )
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Aiegh! Add twenty five years and a little Mexican twist and voila.

Money for Nothing

Chinese farmer's robotic help

UK bootleg, for the so inclined. It's the threesome version, not with Holdsworth.

Danger After Night
Koseinenkin Hall, Osaka, Japan

Quality: B+

John Wetton (bass, vocals)
Eddie Jobson (keyboards, violin)
Terry Bozzio (drums)

Disc 1
1 Danger Money 8:46
2 The Only Thing She Needs 9:02
3 Nothing To Lose 5:36
4 John Wetton Solo 3:54
5 Coda from By The Light Of Day 1:52
6 Presto Vivace 1:03
7 Terry Bozzio Solo 4:05
8 In The Dead Of Night 6:25
9 Rendezvous 6:02 5:33

Disc 2
1 As Long As You Want Me Here 5:24
2 Thirty Years 6:37
3 Carrying No Cross 13:05
4 Alaska 4:38
5 Time To Kill 4:28
6 Eddie Jobson Solo 4:33
7 Time To Kill (reprise) 2:55
8 Night After Night 5:22
9 Caesar's Palace Blues 5:26

Small aside about Kristy's niece and nephew )

Putting together (still) a Bon Jovi compilation for Connie and Jenny. Hopefully stuff they don't have. Lori would probably love it too. WTF do I meet up with all the BonJovi fans? Why can't I find more Zeppelin fans?

The crocuses have sprouted in Paris. We still have snow here. Boo.

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Got a copy of an old Ark show from 2001. Haven't listened to it yet, but figured there's a few people out there who might want a copy.

Ark live in Elysee Montmartre
Paris France 19-05-2001

Jorn Lande—vocals
Tor Ostby—guitar
Randy Coven—bass
Mats Olausson—Keyboards
Johnny Macaluso—drums

1. Intro
2. Heal the Waters
3. Singers At the World's Dawn
4. Torn
5. Resurrection
6. Absolute Zero
7. Burn the Sun
8. Burning Down
9. Can't Let Go
10. Just A Little
11. Noose
12. Randy Coven Bass Solo
13. The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
14. Where the Winds Blow

Some boots

Feb. 18th, 2009 08:49 pm
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Still sick. Still put in a 12 hour day. Remember most of today, which is a sight better than yesterday. Don't remember it. Wasn't doing any illicit substances either.

What better to pass the time than bootlegs?

Metallica <i>Justice</i> demos )

April Wine 04 Dec 94 Minneapolis )

Thunder, Donnington 1992 )
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I have done shit all today but get myself home. I feel like crap and now William has a cold. He's been miserable all day so we've been in our separate rooms again.

Been most of the day at my desk just zoning out into nothing or listening to music. Tim Mar

And that's as far as I got yesterday.

Today's been not much better, but now I have wine again (thanks Scott!) and have been trying to do some office work and phone calls from home. Been largely unsuccessful as I don't remember the IMEX account # and a bunch of other little pesky details.

But I have wine. I haven't really had any wine since I hung out with the guys over the summer. Been way too long.

Have gotten a bunch of stuff from Andy, bless him. Stuff that I don't even think Pete has. Really, they should get their shit together and come up with some sort of "Vault" collection. They were always better live anyway, overdubs and sudden departures and all. Manchester anyone? Oh, but I'm feeling needle-ish. It's better than feeling Hamish.

Genesis Bootleg )

Andy sent along something I actually remember, back from 1995. I was sitting in .. oh God, I can't even remember his name now. The guy after 'Brad'. Biology class anyway, and I was always daydreaming what was going on with, at that time, the only guys I knew who were on the road. How naive.

Another UFO show )

I could bother to post my thoughts on the Plant/Krauss stuff, but the best I can think I say is that 'Please Read the Letter' as a bomb when they first did it in 1998. Adding a chick and taking away the edge hasn't helped it. I can think of an album more deserving to go right into the rack and never dig out again. I still listen to Clarksville on occasion, can't say the same for Raising Sand.

What else did I want to cover? Oh, [ profile] wikdsushi is going through a rough patch with her soon to be ex. Shame, I always thought they were good together. But, with me not checking my f-list like I should, now it's a week later. Not sure on the etiquette of replying a week late on something. I hope she manages to kick his scurvy ass to the curb and keep all her stuff, but don't really know how to tell her either. Still love her writing, would be willing to send her some $$$ for the joy she's given me over the years if that would help.

New plan, everyone donate $10 or $20 to the Asshead!Stu fund so [ profile] wikdsushi can keep her cats. Aye aye! And maybe she'll write more Ajit if I pay her enough. Heehehehehe. Doubtful.

The worst bit about tonight is I have Metallica blasting in my internal radio, just like when Joe gets in one of 'those' moods. Why cant I hear Paul's nice jazz stuff? Gotta be Metallica. I fucking hate Lars. Glad he got the shit beat out of him.

More Shows

Feb. 2nd, 2009 09:09 pm
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In lieu of anything more interesting, I bring you a meme and some bootlegs.

I'd love to talk about what happened Friday, but William's calling and I don't want to hash it up again.

Meme from Danielle )

Coheed and Cambria 2009-01-31 )

Led Zeppelin - Another White Summer 1969-06-27 )

Have spoken to Pete - they put out a release about his condition, all vague stuff, just enough to explain some of what's been going on. Kate did a wonderful job of treading that line, and the press has already picked it up in a few locations. I just really want the tiredness to end, that's not who he is. He could probably deal with being so dizzy all the time - just like old days - but when he can hardly get out of bed it's just not right. He's done a lot of things wrong with his life and it's hard to watch him continue to pay for it after all he's already been through.

I've an appointment with Andy later on in the week sos we can 'talk'. I really miss Paul and Andre.

Rumour has it there's about 2" of snow in Dublin and 'it's not that bad'. From looking at the London news you'd think the world was about to end.

Storm that we'd be thankful for here

Really, I'd love a day when we only get two inches. Trade ya!


Jan. 19th, 2009 10:01 pm
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Hahahaha, someone made a Billy macro is the rock_macro group. FTW, I say. Dead on, and he's only gotten better looking. That's just too hilarious.

Saw Peev at NAMM hanging out at the Martin booth like always. He played a bit on Friday. He is getting *old* looking and very suddenly. It's horrible. Vin was there @ Dean, sent me a bunch of pics from his perspective. Simon, Billy, seems like everyone was there, even Kevin was floating around. Kev said it was 90F and he was running around in a vest and shorts going outside to smoke. I still wanted to go, just wasn't gonna happen. Not quite as exciting as 2007 seemed, but it was good. Got my (second hand) looks in at some of the new Royer/Neve mics that I can drool over. Lots of fun stuff there, I'd spend all four days and prolly never make it off the first floor.

Had to send back one of the guitars to the Custom Shop 'cos the pickguard broke off. Sad when I get better customer service than Viv does. $125 to UPS it, but it's on it's way at least. The absolute worst time of year to send anything out for service (NAMM Time) but it couldn't wait anymore. The girl I've been in touch with, Tricia, seems to really know what she's doing for a change. Gonna have to sweet talk her and treat her right. I don't really care for the management of Gibson anymore, but they still make fucking awesome gits. Dumb ass managerial types are running it into the ground sadly. Would still rather play my PRS or Michael Kelly, but gotta have the 'names' up and in functioning order. One more thing to cross off the list.

Bob's urn arrived today as well. Got him potted and put up with Boo. My babies.

Haven't posted a bootleg in a while, figured with all the Bowie I've been subjected to this year I'll put one up for his 'biggest' fan. Hahahaha.

David Bowie & The Konrads (1963)

Rehearsal tapes

01-The Better I Know
02-Now I'm On My Way
03-It's Too Late
04-I'm Over You
05-Judgement Day
06-I Didn't Know How Much
07-I Thought Of You Last Night

Now go away, or I shall taunt you a second time!
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My doggie's ill. Like, seriously. He's in hospital right now. They've done xrays and an ultrasound so far. Can't figure out why he's vomiting blood and trembling. He just isn't himself, he suddenly seems very old. His appetite is there, he wants to eat and does, but it all comes back up. He's also having a Cushing's flare up right now, so its looking pretty bad. The doc gave him an IV 'cos he was dehydrated and now they're keeping him overnight for observation and they're going to re-run the ultrasound in the morning to see if anything's changed.

So, have been home from work for a while waiting to hear from the doctors.

More grist for the mill )

Asthma )

Metallica Outtakes )

Gonna talk to Andre for a bit. He's back home in Germany now, resting up for a few days before going out with Dio. It's nothing but fun trying to watch a German spell Albuquerque.
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Srs bznss here for a mo.

Whenever a famous group splits up, acrimoniously or amicably, it's members usually have one hell of a condrummer to face when moving onto their new post-band break-up projects: they have to assert their own musical identity, to a degree where their fans and critics won't accuse them of merely recycling their past; also, to remind aforementioned aficionados and skeptics of how they got to the position of being able to judge their favourite musician's new work in the first place.

The Darkness are a rock and roll cautionary tale, if there were ever was one. It's not entirely surprising that, of the two acts to spawn out of The Darkness' demise, one would fully embrace certain elements of The Darkness' sounds while the other completely turns their back on it.

We'll start off with former Darkness singer's Justin Hawkins only single so far, "Do It In The Dark", a song designed for a website that encourages responsible energy consumption. Good for Hawkins. The partnership is a great idea: the political group gets to show that it has a sense of humour, while Hawkins gets to show that he's more than the guy whose former band had a video where a pterydactol humped a spaceship.

The problem lies with Hawkness taking all the aspects that made The Darkness great and - ribald humour, campy vocals and shredding guitar solos, huge hooks - and making them even more over-the-top, to the point of being almost shrill. Simply put, at the beginning of the song, Hawkins sounds like he's trying to regurgitate his lungs and the Lep-style vocal overdubs aren't endearing either. The main riff has a nice, treble-heavy, AC/DC sheen to it, and some of the lyrics are very clever (the line “I wanna lay you out in Quark /I wanna do it in the dark" is absolutely genius). But even though "Do It In The Dark" is only 2 minutes, the song still needs to dial it down, for the sake of reducing energy consumption - both Hawkins' and the Earth's.

Meanwhile, the Stone Gods (consisting of former Darkness members Dan Hawkins, Ritchie Edwards and Ed Graham, along with recruited bassist Toby McFarlaine) sound like they are attempting to disavow any trace of irony or tongue-in-cheek humour that were present in The Darkness. No doubt that this in order to convey the impression that the are "Serious Rock Band." Take a look at their publicity photos. How much more black can they be? The answer is none. None more black. If that's not enough evidence for you, then the the press material on the Stone Gods website, which states that the Stone Gods is "an entirely tougher, edgier and heavier beast than their former band", should suffice.

No one would dispute that when listening to the opening moments of "Burn The Witch", streaming at the band's website and MySpace Page. The opening lick, and the chord progression beneath it, has a little minor-key, NWOBHM thing going on before setting into a more generic, sludgy blues riff that perks up a little bit due at the end of the phrase due to some Aerosmith-style syncopation.

It's unfair to judge Stone Gods just on the few tracks they have up (no, I've not bought the EP), but, so far, the band sounds like they're trying too hard to convey solemnity. Rather than being powerful, it comes off as just being humourless. We'll have to wait and see what more the band has to offer. If the band writes even one halfway decent song, they could become the British Audioslave.

So, with that little bit out of my system, I'd like to share (ie. bookmark for my own future use) two new shows I've been sent.

Rush - Snakebites in Tampa 2007June16 )

Waysted Tangiers show )

Remnants of a conversation from yesterday, broken down into it's base Q&A format:

"Q. What is an Economic Stimulus Payment?
"A. It is money that the federal government will send to taxpayers.

"Q. Where will the government get this money? [borrowed from China!]
"A. From taxpayers.

"Q. So the government is giving me back my own money?
"A. Only a smidgen.

"Q. What is the purpose of this payment?
"A. The plan is that you will use the money to purchase a high- definition TV set, thus stimulating the economy.

"Q. But isn't that stimulating the economy of China?
"A. You're the one that voted for him."

*edit* I should add that tonight's Sri Lankan Beef Curry (with extra jalapeños) was so delicious it made me sweat.


May. 8th, 2008 07:40 pm
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Where to start. Lots of varied points today.

Flashback )

Rock of Ages shows )

Fiction )

Survey from Babzz )
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I got the tracks back today from my original source. They've been re-uploaded to Megaupload, so feel free to swipe.
1996 07-16 Mansfield '96
Disc 1
01 - Rock Rock (Till You Drop)
02 - Hit & Run
03 - Foolin
04 - Animal
05 - Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad
06 - All I Want Is Everything
07 - Deliver Me
08 - Hysteria
09 - Work It Out
10 - Slang
11 - Bringin On The Heartbreak
12 - Switch 625
Disc 2
01 - Two Steps Behind
02 - Where Does Love Go When It Dies
03 - Photograph
04 - Rocket
05 - Armageddon It
06 - Pour Some Sugar On Me
07 - Crowd Noise
08 - Love Bites
09 - Let's Get Rocked
10 - Rock Of Ages

And how's this one for a giggle. Finn and Pete Way @ King Tut's in Glasgae. A much familiar venue to some of my Scottish mates.

King Tut's
Glasgow, Scotland

01. Rolling Out The Dice
02. The Price You Pay
03. Dead On Your Legs
04. Propaganda
05. Samaritan Man
06. Toy With The Passion
07. Heaven Tonight
08. Song For Steve
09. Manuel
10. Night Of The Wolf
11. Love Loaded
12. Breakfast Show
13. Love Loaded reprise


14. Ice Cream Man -> Around And Around
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Jumping on quick - filling a few requests while avoiding the rat infestation. I like rats, pet ones at any rate, but these Chicago rats must be mutant nuclear rats or something 'cos they're chewing my cables and they stink and they squeak and aren't the cuties that Ron Sixberry has.

Acro - your Slang request. I don't have the original encode anymore, but here's the list I've got. See if any of them are still feasable. It's been a while.

Slang Tour )

AORfreak - the Lep portion of the MadChester show:
MadChester Leps 2008 )

Battttty - UFO sessions at the Beeb from 1974 to about '77
UFO at the BBC )

Mark - Genesis 06/14/07 Danmark
Herning SBD )

Yeah, so I could listen to music non-stop for the rest of my life and still not hear it all. But I have it. And I keep acquiring more. It's like a bad crack habit. I have every single Zeppelin show in circulation up to 1973 at this point, and I'm working on the rest. It's kind of sad, eclipsing both Jon Morman and Luis Rey.

Did I mention the fucking rats? Can't wait until out's over. Wanna go home. This gig, truely, sucks.


May. 2nd, 2008 09:51 pm
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Anyone up for some SuperSoob work? Dug out a tourtape and put it up. It's just REO - damn, I'm still impressed with them. 06April, Madchester/Verizon, the first night I really felt better after getting sick.

Sound quality sucks, but it's hard to record and work at the same time. Everyone appreciates a flac copy, but seeing as how no one's gonna bother downloading it I saved bandwidth by ripping it to mp3.

Have put a buttload of pics up on the myspace page. Will get them here at some point. Bah, bandwidth hog is sucking up the pipes tonight.

Gonna go over to Lu's and help her bottle some of that wine she's been working on. She's waited for me to get home to help so I'd best get to it.


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