RIP Dorian

Jul. 25th, 2011 06:13 pm
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Dorian has passed away. Congestive heart failure, probably misdiagnosed for a year or more. His heart was so damaged there was no saving him.

Poor pup.
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Dorian is in his new forever home now. What a trip it was. Ill-advised, but it certainly could have been worse. We were in the *mountains* and for a NY boy with long hair and a leather jacket it's not always a good place to be. The town (Sylva NC) is actually where the movie Deliverance was filmed. If you've never seen it, it is a good view into how 75-80% of the USA actually is. The bonuses were that we did a stealth run at night, just in and out and didn't hang around too much. Got a fancy rental car courtesy of SPV - no wonder they had/have money issues. Weather was good going down, but bad coming back up. Hit that big mountain going east on I-40 between Asheville and Raleigh-Durham in a thick fog. If you've been there you know the one I mean. Also lots of fog in the Pocanos. Face it, Pennsylvania always sucks for driving. Either it's bad weather, construction, deer, or just idiot drivers.

I hate traveling with William, we're just too opposite on the road. He wants to know exactly how far to each exit and I'm just like "I dunno, it's exit 39B, keep going." He wants to laze in the hotel room until 9 or 10am and I'm ready to go by six. I want to eat breakfast, since I can, and he doesn't want to. He skips dinner, that's a big no-no with me. You don't take my supper without reason. I love driving at night, he'd rather drive during the day but then he sleeps it all away. He was the one in charge of actually getting directions for there and back, it's a good thing I got them on my own anyway because he just figure I'd know to get them anyway despite he stating he would get them. Grrrr... I just don't travel well with him. I went to be at midnight or 1 most of the travel days, he was up until 4 or 5. You sleep when you can on the road, not when it's 'convenient' for you. He would have been oil spotted so bad... Thought about it, but you just can't do that when it's not business.

Dorian is just as lovely as his pictures made him out to be. He's got a great temperament and although he's still a little shocked from the trip and getting out of his foster home. He's already up my butt at the time. Thinking he's more purebred cocker than anything else, he's got the 'show' walk/jog down and just seems to run that way on a lead. He was a very good boy for someone back in the day before he fell on hard times. His farts absolutely stink though. Boy's got some problems there. He's allergic to all gluten things, so this special food he's on is probably what's doing it to him. Venison and Bison and sweet potatoes. He seems to like it.

Still recovering a bit, didn't get much sleep in and now have all sorts of laundry to do. Never seems to be enough time. The optical day job is giving me about 3-4 hours of take home work per day, in addition to the other projects I've been working on so there's just no time. Even now I'm typing up some medical letters. Highly illegal because I'm not supposed to take charts out of the office, but when the hell else would it get done? Watch, I won't get busted for the drugs or the prostitutes or tax fraud, it'll be for taking work home with me.

Things are... else wise exciting. Karen Taylor died from her spider cancer or Thurday or Friday last week. She was in a lot of pain so it was good. Floyd is kinda beside himself, but he knew it was coming. Karen was a hoot, all Native American and piss and vinegar. She called them like it was and didn't give a rat about being popular or liked. She'll be missed.

Amy's being deported middle or end of next month. That shit sucks, they appealed twice and got screwed over by cash hungry lawyers, so maybe she'll be allowed back at some point to live with her husband, maybe not. The baby has to go with her too, so there's America breaking up yet another happy family.

Ron, contrary to popular rumour, did not have a fucking happy holiday, he was in hospital with a blood clot. Don't know where things like that get started. Yeah, I wish he could have had a better season, but at least he's alive. Stopped at his house in Ithaca just to make sure it was still standing and he does have some of his friends keeping it up while he's away.

Got a letter from my granny today, that's always a nice thing to come home to. She's 80 and starting to lose it a bit, but she's my gran.

Found a good Alan Parson's bootleg. It's an actual board recording, and seems to be a fun setlist. Haven't listened to it yet, but why waste time not sharing. Someone will get a kick out of it.

Alan Parsons Project - 2009-08-06 - Los Angeles, CA (Sbd mp3@192)
01 - Speak to me
02 - Breathe
03 - On the run
04 - Time
05 - The great gig in the sky
06 - Money
07 - Us and them
08 - Any colour you like
09 - Brain Damage
10 - Eclipse
11 - Breakdown. The raven
12 - We Play the game

Megaupload link

Will get some pics up of Dorian as soon as I can. Been shooting in RAW mode and while it's nice photo wise, it's such a pain in the ass to work with.
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Have decided to adopt Dorian. How could I not? There's no way anyone else would take him. Have been talking with his foster mom Mary. She's had him for a long time, the poor guy. He's deaf too, which is fine with me. Boo was blind and it didn't slow him down one bit. Better, in a way. One of the studio cats at Suma was deaf and he was the only one who would stay in the live room while we were tracking.

Going to get him Friday after work. It's a 14 hour drive one way. Would be ok if I was just riding like normal, but I'm gonna have to drive most of the way after working a full day. Don't really think I've driven that long in a while, last time was probably meeting the Leptards in Indiana. There was the ill-thought-out drive to Texas that one week, but I'd prefer not to remember that.

The name even fits. Bob's real name was Basil Rathbone (from Sherlock Holmes and Basil the Snake from Clockwork Orange). Boo's real name was Boudreaux, given to him by the breeder, but Boo was from Boo Radley. Dorian Grey fits. William is estatis he will have a companion again. The days are long and lonely when you can't leave the house.

So, aside from all that, did some work on the new Jackson. Discovered it's newer than I thought, around 1996 or so. Best of all it's a PC-1 with the original headstock. Doesn't have the ebow thing on the bridge pickup, but it does have the 0-nut. Wilkinson trem, not a kahler, but that's ok. The sustainer like Phil's got would have made it a 1500-2000 guitar; I'm happy with the free one. Does need to be re-wired, Phil uses Dimarzio's in his for that 'aargh' sound, this one with the factory pickups is a little "eermpf". A Super three would give me the same sound, maybe put a HS2 in the middle. I don't know yet, have to see what's in Spare Part Land. Looks like my weekend plans have suddenly changed.


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