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Has my dad in town last week. Was alright, he's not a very social or active person so we watched a lot of tv. Was good to see him again. Managed to get him out for a few things.

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Yes, it is all about me.

1 Blodgett Commercial Pizza Oven
1 Dave Lights Tshirt
2-6m braided guitar cables
bunch of candles/incense/oil
1 set wireless headphones
1 Canadiens hockey jersery
1 bus blanket
1 set high dexterity work gloves
1 set heavy wool socks
few bootlegs - BOC, the Babys, Leo Sayer, Sabbath, etc. Still listening to them.

All in all not bad, considering I've had to deal with Christmas the last two months. William was having a strop after four mugs of Bailey's Irish Cream so we ducked out early. Kids were well behaved - I think they're old enough now to still believe but to understand how to behave. Liam loved his little circuitry kit I got him. I think I had just as much fun setting up the motor and resistors and capacitors. Kid's smart, shame his parents don't see it. Nell of course loved her princess stuff, and Tanya got the Rudolph doll she wanted. William and his dad are back to fighting, he said he'll tell me later what happened. Nice to do it, but happy it's over. Time to go back to usual life.


Dec. 23rd, 2009 09:59 pm
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I am back now, finally. What a trip it was. Weather was actually working in my favour for most of it, hit a bit of an ice storm on the south coast of Ontario.. Friday night? I think it was Friday, a bit lost as to day/time. Bit slippery over bridges, but all in all it was ok. Got done what I needed to do and then hit Cleveland to see family.

It was good, saw Uncle Warren which is a tad unusual. Got everyone's trees up and decorated. Watched a lot of Pawn Stars and spent more time in the car. Saw my brother work as an Elf at Santa's Workshop. He was less than happy, but it's a job. Gotta bunch of pictures again, but I'll be damned if this box has a card plugin thing and I don't have a usb cord.

Ate some really bad food, they don't believe in spices and everything was horrid Ohio bland. My dad also keeps his house at 58F constantly, so I spent the entire time at the equivelent of winter shed temperature. But... some nice newer venues in Cleveland. Decent booking agents and the scouting all went well.

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Ended up going to Sweeties, a candy warehouse in addition to my favourite wine shop. OMG, sugar. They had sassafras hard candy. Yum yum. And michigan cherries. There goes my diet, thanks dad.

Car has started to make a funny noise though, and it certainly needs a transmission flush. Can't put it off much longer.

Have everyone's things wrapped and the stockings are done up. Doing that with the inlaws on Friday. I'll remember the asprin this year as it's always a headache.

William set up my electronic drums in the dining room so I can play anytime I want. He also got the 1010 working again. I should go away on short trips more often.

I fear it will take me a few days to get more coherent and able to speak in more than two sentance paragraphs. I just am having a hard time getting my thoughts together and remembering what I did and when I did it and what I can talk about. That and my guts are acting up. Bllurgh.

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Sad news, Graham Barnell died from an infection related to his leukemia. I'd gotten to know him through Curly Coles and he hung out with us for a little bit on the '08 UFO tour when they'd let him out of hospital. Carpe Diem, at least he did manage to get back home before he passed on.

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In addition to all that, mom got a new car, the hot tub was delivered, and we acquired a baby grand piano. Just can't post the pics now, out of time again. Need more time in the day. It's been a hectic week. It might calm down tomorrow, don't know what's on the agenda. Would love just to sit in the hot tub, but there's the parade and fireworks and I think the kids are coming down and then Wednesday it's off to CMac again...

I fear my journal is becoming more like Twitter. I just write down as quickly what I can before I have to get up again. Remember when it used to be a journal, where I could think about things and get my head together? There's so much I want to talk about, and no time.
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Terry didn't win last night. Alas, have not spoken to Jim yet to see how he's taking it. I miss the drunk bastard, evn if I have to keep everything bottled up now 'cos William gets so jealous.

Managed to pop in at home and hang out with Liam for a few hours. Kid has been on the kit twice in his whole life (18" kick) and he whipped into a Queen song. Nice. He's got talent for a seven year old, just hope I can keep him in it long enough to get somewhere. Can't even sit on the throne 'cos he's too short but... Really should hook him up with Joey for lessons, but driving him to South Syracuse and back 3x week is a bit much. Maybe VanHorn or Vulture has some free time they can work with him. We'll see.

Speaking of thrones, busted the shit out of my right hand trying to lower one of those cheap ass things with the single wingnut. Big chunk gone out of my right ring finger. Kept banging on it 'cos it was stuck all the way up and when it finally let go took a bit of me with it. Fucker. Hurts like hell but no perm. damage.

Worked with Paul last night, have to say this foh guy they got was one of the worst yet. Expensive too, could have had Wizard for about $50 more. These guys must have gotten an inheritance or something, all of their cases were brand new, snake had no tape on it, cabs were clean... Two Crowns and two QSC's, one delay/reverb, and that was it. Little 8 chan Allen & Heath that they didn't know how to use. Sounded like crap. Uhh, hello? Just 'cos you bought it last week doesn't mean you're gonna know how to use it. I hate these people who come into a bit of money, get the gear from Musician's Friend and then are suddenly working gigs. Old rant. Anyroad, Ron showed up without my knowledge. I think William thought we planned it or something, he got really upset to see Ron standing there. Whatever dude, certainly not going there again, not after what Viv's told me. I don't do Italian anymore.

Have had 'Cliffs of Dover' in my head the last few days. Damn thing won't shut off.

Think that's about it. Two more days at the eye doctor's and then I'm outta there! Not that living on a shelf is great, but the company is.

I am suddenly reminded exactly how much DaveM whines. OMG, he's worse than I am.

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Had lots of fun at William's birthday party. Can't really write at the mo, but got a few junk pics up. Food was so-so, not bad for NY BBQ, but couldn't beat the company. Tim & Amy went with us. Good fun. Joseph said he hasn't called 'cos he didn't want to interrupt William's school work. Nice, but misguided. We were all going to go back to his place for the night but Miss Hawaiian Tropic (MHT) decided they were going to go straight on to Massachusetts so I went straight on to Cleveland. Screw them anyway.

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So lots of people showed up. Good time had by all. No arrests and no fights. More later when I can. Under orders not to talk about the HOB thing, so sorry can't tell. It'll turn up in the press sooner or later.

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Feb. 24th, 2008 10:57 pm
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First of all, I need to say something.

Germans are crazy. Each and every one of them.

Second, we'll back up to Saturday. The night was a complete waste. Best thing of the night was the Dio that the one and only tech had playing over the PA during set breaks. Viv/Dio, of course, 'cos I don't get enough strange, vaguely suspicious looks from my husband.

  1. Singer was ill. Tried the best he could and had another vocalist from a local group help him out and take over half the songs.

  2. Band is still playing to what they hear in their head, not to what the other blokes are playing.

  3. lack of direction. No one was leading the group. At one point things stopped completely on stage and there was total silence.

  4. Feedback was terrible. There was a ground loop somewhere to add to the pleasant pinkiness.

  5. Did I mention no crew, save the mixer-come-LD? It's hard enough to run one board, let alone two simultaneously.

  6. I think I saw the band doing their own in and out. Yikes. I didn't realize just how spoilt I've become lately.

  7. Getting pissed and trying to play isn't cool, be it McShitty's in Scriba or Wembley. Have some professionalism.

Yeah, so that was a fun time. The 'club' (and I use the term loosely) had some sort of pajama party going on so it was either 200kg heifers in sheer babydolls or underage tramps with no knowledge of how to walk in heels, nor any self respect. I kept my coat on over my tank top and aside from a walk into the wings sorting out the various electrical problems just hung at the back like a gray. One guy (maybe 18) decided to wear his sister's pajamas to the party, bra and all. He was having a great alcohol-fuelled night, but was kind of scary to look at. Just the sheer number of people with out any self respect was amazing. You don't get laid by being sleazy. Well, maybe you get pulled by an IATSE guy, but you don't get anywhere you want to get that way.

Third, spent Sunday with the nieces and nephews. Liam kept getting yelled at. Russ and Kathy always seem to discipline him much stricter than the girls. Nell was a brat at the end of the day. She put mouse in my hair and was playing stylist, which is all good fun, but then she put toothpaste in and spray deodorant as well. Damn near choked me with the fog of antiperspirant.

Reet's 65th Birthday today, so we had her favourite chocolate cup cakes with peanut butter frosting. It was not easy to make those this morning after staying up to 3am and having a few strange people camp out. All in all it was a good day tho. I'm tired, but the kids had their fill of their favourite Aunt Suz and this time only two of them went home crying that they wanted to come live with me. Poor kids.

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This is the view out into the back yard. Lots of animal tracks. Bob kept sniffing the turkey prints as he's decided he's the great hunter again. He wasn't at all interested in the deer or fox tracks, which was a bit unusual. He was certainly in turkey mode tonight.


Fourth, there is a shortage of public toilets in Twickenham! Everyone, on three, pee on the sidewalk! 'SatLav'?? They're not joking either. Text "toilet" to 80097 and it tells you the location and hours of the nearest public toilet. Brilliant, eh?

Fifth, just to make McCue happy, I have to go to some Crizal educational programme tomorrow night. Don't know how long it will take or when I'll be back. Really don't want to go but don't have much choice in the matter. I'm hoping to hide in the back and avoid my boss most of the night. I'll sit and listen, but he always makes a spectacle of himself. I hope they have some good veggie items at this supper and not just rigatoni in a chafing dish. So tired of catering.

Six: Put up the DL Mountainview '88 show for anyone who wants it. It's not bad.


ROCK OF AGES (What do You Want - Audience participation)

Seven: Time to get off the box and go to bed.


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