Jan. 10th, 2010 06:09 pm
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Protools actually works in 64 bit!

Wowee wowee!

Photo Misc

Sep. 20th, 2009 09:54 pm
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Have done William's task of inventorying the guits. Wanted them all photo'd for the insurance company. I should have taken better pictures, with serial #'s and all that but I just can't be bothered. He didn't even give me sufficient lighting so they all look like shit.

Guits )

A few pics from home that I thought were cool. Mostly orange. Usually the skies get very pink at sunset, but they were orange this night.




And a few from the last few months, just for shits and giggles. )

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Got hit by lightning today. Burned out two Furmans and killed a Glyph. Everything else seems fine; one of the power strips has a nice big blue flame etched into it, but still seems functional. Not sure it's exactly road ready anymore, but it's still putting through juice.

Sweetwater is sending me a new Glyph for tomorrow but tonight's show is gonna be interesting.
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Picture post.

Snow in town. Yes, we still have lots of snow available. Free. Come and get it. In fact, take lots home with you. I'm tired of it.

Fucking Snow )

And now some for [ profile] babzz. Photos of the 1275 and me (looking horribly pathetic after a day at the SurgiCentre).

I love Gibsons )
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Got talking with Wookie and ended up getting the strangest recipe I think I've ever run across. Granted it's for on the road only - Erats, survival food, those nights when you just can't seem to find catering. Plus it's funny. Don't think I'm too anxious to try it but I thought I'd share the joke.

Red Hot Weiner In A Bunk Sock (if you don't know what a bunk sock is, don't ask)

Ingredients: - 1 Hot Dog - 1 Tortilla - 2 Chili Peppers - Sour Cream -

Directions: - Nuke Hot Dog In Microwave For 1 Min.
Remove And Place On A Drumstick -While Holding Drumstick, Sear Outside Of Hot Dog With Bic Lighter.
Remove Hot Dog And Place On White Terrycloth Bath Towel To Soak Up Any Grease.
Lightly Toast Tortilla With Bic Lighter. Spread Sour Cream On Tortilla.
Place Hot Dog And Chili Peppers on Tortilla. Roll Like A Splif.
Serves One. When Finished, Wipe Hands And Mouth With Towel. Return Towel And Drumstick To Where You "Borrowed" Them From.

Much better than Bob Allen's Par Can Pizza recipe. Cheap pizza sucks in any circumstance.


Was checking my lists today only to see a soundboard of Def Leppard Mountainview 1988 pop up. It's listed as A- to B- but I think I'm gonna download it anyway. Also some rare and Demo Ozzy tracks, Chris Isaak, and best of all James Gang from The Reunion Allen Theatre in 2002. Cool stuff all around.


Have dropped William off at the bar. Imagine I'll have to go pick him up at some point later tonight.


Oh! And I have a new toy as well. A digitech RP50 modeling pedal. Pretty damn cool, and a lot easier to work with than the rack mount unit I've got now. Models all sort of stuff - '65 Fender Twin, Mesa Dual Rectifier, AC30, '78 Marshall Master... Tons of effects as well. Going to take some time to sort it all out and program it, but I think I'll end up playing with it a lot. Not the most attractive stomp box I've seen, but it sounds good. Will have to see if it passes the road test.

The parts I needed for the MiniMarshall had to be ordered from Korg so I'll have to go back down in a few weeks to pick them up. Until then the repair project is on hold. Seriously, why do fuckheads destroy good equipment? It's just dumb. Sell it, give it away, horde it in your attic, just don't destroy it.


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