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First of all, eight bells out to John Rutsey who died over the weekend. He quit what would go on to be quite a famous band due to health reasons that finally caught up with him. Rest in peace brother.

Kevin's got a small piece coming out in this weeks Newsweek that's a bit insightful. Always good to see them getting some press, even if it is to tell a rather personal story.

It's that time of the decade again, time for another episode of the Golden Spit. This decade's entry comes all the way from Switzerland - still with a big glop of Anzio-related angst clinging to it's talons.

Article courtesy of Reuters.

Man dies in spitting contest plunge

A SWISS man died when he fell from a hotel balcony during a spitting match with a friend, a Swiss newspaper has reported.

The daily Blick said the 29-year-old man took a run-up from inside the room so he could spit further, but lost his balance and plummeted 6.4m to the street below.

He died in hospital.

The man had suggested the contest when he and two friends returned from a disco to their hotel in Cadempino in Switzerland's Italian-speaking Ticino canton in the early hours.

One of the men went to sleep, but the two others decided to see who could spit furthest from the balcony of their room.

This is, I feel, not to far removed from Montreal. Please send your vote for me to with the subject line 'Free Dope'.

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