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Red as a tomato. Just put some eczema creme on it to get rid of the tightness. Aloe gel only worked for about five minutes then it hurt again. Walking has been fun as the tight skin on my shins has forced me to toe-walk. Not much different from usual for me, but I really notice how much I do toe walk when I try to flat foot it. Wore a skirt today, jeans were out of the question. Managed to get through the day. Showering was fun. Almost called someone to help hold me up. Wouldn't be the first time, but pride kept me going and I did it all by myself.

Went through a few more things on the camera.

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Had to get the cat out of a tree about an hour ago. Him and this other black cat in the neighbourhood are constantly at it. Ian got treed good, but ended up with a mouth of black fur. Had to get the ladder out and coax him down. Me, in my silk nightgown and flip flop slippers, with my burnt ass legs balancing on the telescoping aluminum ladder trying to get the still freaked out cat down. What a handful he is.

Talked to some freak today. He was supposedly selling a Neumann. Talked to him a bit more, he was cagey about giving out a model number. Come to find out he's calling it a 'Neumann-Electrovoice'. Gimme a break. Neumann, sure I'll buy it even broken. I'm not in the market for an EV. Wasting my time. Fucker. Pissed me off 'cos I was at the office and trying to get shit done.

In better news, an Answer bootleg for my mate Babzz. 30June 2009 Hampden Park, Glasgow Scotland. Didn't get tape of the other opener (The Subways) or the main bill ACDC. This is all I was asking for. ;)

Download link
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A month or so ago, I said I would get photos of the kitties up on the web. Well, it's finally done. Pictures of both Ian and Chester are uploaded. This is for Annette, who is now Mommy to Chester.

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