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Sep. 20th, 2009 09:54 pm
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Have done William's task of inventorying the guits. Wanted them all photo'd for the insurance company. I should have taken better pictures, with serial #'s and all that but I just can't be bothered. He didn't even give me sufficient lighting so they all look like shit.

Guits )

A few pics from home that I thought were cool. Mostly orange. Usually the skies get very pink at sunset, but they were orange this night.




And a few from the last few months, just for shits and giggles. )

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For today's 'Innit It Cute' pic spam, we have a sleeping man.


So now stuck in Utah. God, I hate the desert. It's not a dry heat, it's just fucking heat. Only a handful of dates left. Apparently there's been a contest again this year and I've not known about it. Men are pigs, that's all I'll say. I think I know why that particular contest was chosen and I think Phil is going to win again by what I was overhearing. At least they could pick a time when someone doesn't have a fucked up ankle or knee or recently deceased father. Even out the playing field, as it were. I know now what Mensch did to people, and I just wonder what PC's contribution was to that mess. I'm sure there's more to it than what's been said, even from the wags. It's just stupid. Stupid, stupid.

Had two tamales today and they're hurting me now. Grease and spice equals heartburn. They were good though, but think I'll be really gassy and fun to be around later tonight. Should find a ginger ale around here before things get started.


Cool, first time using the LJ image host thing and it does get bigger when you click on it. Goddamn photobucket, still can't really find anything better.

And stole this from Babzz Meme )


Aug. 9th, 2009 11:29 pm
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Viv's dad died. I knew things were going a bit too well.
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Went on an Emergency Camping trip last few days, although it hardly counted as camping, and the only Emergency was that it was in another state and unexpected. So much fun, I never ever expected to get a call asking me to come out to Cincinatti (ended up meeting them in Illinois). Had a cook out, played with the rockets and fireworks, had a bonfire, all the fun stuff normal people do. Just lovely time. Real baked potatos. Yum. I'd go to any restaurant Mal decides to open after he retires.

Think I'm gonna stop in and see my grandma on the way back through I-80 when I get done. She's not that far off where it splits to I-90. Don't think I'm going to Milwaukee tomorrow, it won't leave me enough time to drive home. Unless i stay up and drive straight through. Sixteen hours from Chicago, and I don't know Milwaukee-Chicago travel time. Long ass day if I do go. Maybe I can get out of work on Monday.

Also found some fun stuff on the Nostalgic Win site, will share later.
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Red as a tomato. Just put some eczema creme on it to get rid of the tightness. Aloe gel only worked for about five minutes then it hurt again. Walking has been fun as the tight skin on my shins has forced me to toe-walk. Not much different from usual for me, but I really notice how much I do toe walk when I try to flat foot it. Wore a skirt today, jeans were out of the question. Managed to get through the day. Showering was fun. Almost called someone to help hold me up. Wouldn't be the first time, but pride kept me going and I did it all by myself.

Went through a few more things on the camera.

Two from Blossom )

Had to get the cat out of a tree about an hour ago. Him and this other black cat in the neighbourhood are constantly at it. Ian got treed good, but ended up with a mouth of black fur. Had to get the ladder out and coax him down. Me, in my silk nightgown and flip flop slippers, with my burnt ass legs balancing on the telescoping aluminum ladder trying to get the still freaked out cat down. What a handful he is.

Talked to some freak today. He was supposedly selling a Neumann. Talked to him a bit more, he was cagey about giving out a model number. Come to find out he's calling it a 'Neumann-Electrovoice'. Gimme a break. Neumann, sure I'll buy it even broken. I'm not in the market for an EV. Wasting my time. Fucker. Pissed me off 'cos I was at the office and trying to get shit done.

In better news, an Answer bootleg for my mate Babzz. 30June 2009 Hampden Park, Glasgow Scotland. Didn't get tape of the other opener (The Subways) or the main bill ACDC. This is all I was asking for. ;)

Download link
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Feels good to be home and on familiar territory again. I won't say anything about the talks with EMI, they've always been a bunch of clueless fuckers who've just happened to be very lucky. No innovation or good ideas anywhere, not since they started, and it's only gone downhill from there.

I have collected my father and am exposing him to the worst of foreign customs and rude behaviour. They're doing their best to keep me off the front and back in the tuning room. It's not working as I've made it to the backline with some long haired creep pushing me around. Hahaha Pickaso. Jean-Luc Pickgard.

Took Scott up to a little wine shop in Coventry and have restocked him. Must have dropped a good $200 for everyone.

You should see the new posters on the guy's wardrobe cases. Surely little innocent Dave had nothing to do with it.

Here's a one off of Viv in above said case so you can go fuck off and get back to work.


There, that's it. I'm gonna go see if the lounge is empty.


Jun. 23rd, 2009 11:14 pm
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Gotta love these EDL licenses. No problems getting across the border, they didn't even make me get out. 'I'm just sightseeing and having lunch then going back home' - hyeah right. Got me across the border tho. Tomorrow's a drive day. Gonna hop through St. Catherines and that damned bridge again and cross at Niagra Falls I think. Figuring about six hours straight through. Might stop and see Tommy in Buffalo if he's home. Poor guy blew out his shoulder falling down some stairs and I've only seen him the once since.

Ended up in Downsview Ontario (go figure). The hotels started to get cheaper out this way so I crashed here. Does look kind of like home, lots of old run down buildings. Looks like there was once a lot of manufacturing here that moved on.

What I really want to know is why is Phil hanging out with Lo and why would someone send me those pictures without any note? They have to be friends, I mean, c'mon, but is she still doing book promotions or something? I think someone's just shit stirring. The timing is totally wrong.

Played tag and fax today with the bank back home. Lots of fun, and just what I wanted to be doing with my limited free time. It looks like William is on his way to his therapeutic hot tub for his bad back. Gonna have to look up an electrician when I get home. Needs 60amp buried and a new secondary box and it's just a pain in the nads. I think because it's buried I'll need a building permit as well.
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Was supposed to work tonight but ended up being told not to go as the venue was smaller than planned and a lot of gear is being left in the van.

Major shit going down at the office, the office manager quit and it looks like the senior doctor (the one who's a major asshat) is quitting too. Nice, might actually enjoy work and help people when he's gone. Asshat actually yelled at a patient today, told them they were 'ruining his practice' and to get out. So the mother left her two year old son in the car alone for an hour while she had her eye exam. There's a whole lot more involved, but Child Protective Services is getting involved and I don't want to get involved with that. I saw nothing and know nothing.

In better news, finally watched the Anvil movie. OMG, it is so friggin' true to life. If you ever want to see what life is really like, check that one out. Never mind all the idealistic Cameron Crowe stuff or the dry humour of Strange Fruit - this is the real deal. Bad food, missed trains, fistfights with club owners, the drudgery of daily life, it's all there. Their old roadie Teabag filmed it and produced it and has given them a second wind. Heard they're opening for AC/DC on a few dates and are gonna be at Rocklahoma as well. Thirty years on getting back a bit of what they started is nice to see. They certainly paid their dues, even if I want to track down Reiner's sister and punch her. You have to find a copy of it. The release was very limited and it's not out in a lot of outlets, but there is a copy floating around on Usenet if you're savvy like that.

And speaking of douchebags I'd like to punch, apparently someone has the same opinion as I do about Ash Newell. He always stuck me as being a bit too fannish and retarded. Nice to know I'm in some company for a change. 'Cut rate' is a great tag. :)

Heading out for a quick trip to Baltimore tomorrow, early. Probably a good thing I got the night off. Should really sleep, but there's so much to do.

LS Disease

Feb. 3rd, 2009 09:18 pm
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Anyone up for a story?

Lead Singer calls today, I'll call him LS. He braved the fierce winter weather to purchase a new computer. The man knows little about computers. He says he bought it in Big City for about a hundred pounds.

a) He's bought a computer without guidance. Fail.
b) He didn't buy it from a store, but from 'a friend'. Fail.
c) He doesn't have a spec sheet and doesn't remember what he's running. Fail.

So, he gets the new beastie home and sets her up. Finds out there's no sound.

a) He needs sound
b) He can't open it up and look around in the guts
c) Did I mention he's a vocalist?

Not only is there no sound, which he needs, the CD-ROM drive doesn't work. Only he can't just tells me it doesn't work, 'cos it does spin around and whirr and make a buzzing noise when a CD is put in, but nothing 'happens' and then it stops spinning. All nice technical terms. Might be the IDE cord isn't plugged in. Autoplay might be turned off. Might be defective. God only knows. I'd tell him how to open up explorer and run the bugger manually but I know it would only confuse him further.

It's like working in a cube again. With a complete newb on the phone. Did you use the CD-ROM as a cupholder? Can you put the computer back in it's box and take it back to your 'friend'? I'm sorry, the equipment is smarter than the operator. Please install more processor power in LS module.

With my tech support duties at a stand still, I have my own tech worries to fix, mainly getting ProTools to recognize the external hard drive in Vista. I hate Vista, I really do, but I tried Win7 and that just didn't fly yet with ProTools even though theoretically it should have. Been recording to the onboard HDD and you know how Digidesign hates that.

Running the show on my own tomorrow. So nice that the supposed 'real world' has such slack outlook on employment. I know I go in to work unless the doctor won't let me out of the hospital. The other girls just seem to come and go as they please. And they stay employed. WTF?
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That's the best news I've heard since the whole 'orange gatorade' thing started!!!



Mar. 25th, 2008 11:16 pm
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Date: 2006/22July

'Cos [ profile] kybluesunshine3 asked nicely.

DL PicSpam! )


Mar. 25th, 2008 07:52 am
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Was at the bar last night and got stuck watching a telly programme called 'My Dad is Better than Your Dad'. Dumb show, but was better than listening to the pub crowd all night.

One of the contestants on the show looked like the spitting image of Pete Willis. But younger, female, and bit pudgier. Managed to find a photo of her on the NBC website, she looked much more like Pete on camera.

Raven Leon
Pete Willis (3rd from left)

Too bad I couldn't find a better picture of her. Was downright eerie.
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Anyone else notice how bald Viv is going lately?



Sav is still fine tho.

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Bootleg update! For all my new non-psychotic Leppy friends.

Hope everyone likes Slang. Cos I do!
1996 07-16 Mansfield '96
Disc 1
01 - Rock Rock (Till You Drop)
02 - Hit & Run
03 - Foolin
04 - Animal
05 - Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad
06 - All I Want Is Everything
07 - Deliver Me
08 - Hysteria
09 - Work It Out
10 - Slang
11 - Bringin On The Heartbreak
12 - Switch 625
Disc 2
01 - Two Steps Behind
02 - Where Does Love Go When It Dies
03 - Photograph
04 - Rocket
05 - Armageddon It
06 - Pour Some Sugar On Me
07 - Crowd Noise
08 - Love Bites
09 - Let's Get Rocked
10 - Rock Of Ages
1996 08-29 Acoustic In Sacramento
01 - Intro
02 - Where Does Love Go When It Dies
03 - Interview1
04 - Pour Some Sugar On Me
05 - Interview2
06 - Miss You In A Heartbeat (Phil On Vocals)
08 - Tesla Blues And End Of Interview
1997 04-19 Buenos Aries '97
Disc 1
01 - Rock Rock Till You Drop
02 - Action
03 - Foolin'
04 - Animal
05 - Make Love Like A Man (Rare Slang Varietal)
06 - Have you Ever Needed Someone So Bad
07 - Work It Out
08 - Deliver Me
09 - Hysteria
10 - All I Want Is Everything
11 - Slang (Extended)
12 - Joe's Compliment
13 - Bringin' On The Heartbreak
14 - Switch 625
Disc 2
01 - Leppard Jam
02 - Two Steps Behind
03 - When Love And Hate Collide
04 - Rocket
05 - Armageddon It
06 - Pour Some Sugar On Me
07 - Love Bites
08 - Lets Get Rocked
09 - Rock Of Ages

Wot? So I collect concerts. Any wish list items?

Media Day!

Mar. 10th, 2008 11:01 pm
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In light of anything actually worthwhile to say, I've decided to post a spammage of all the various bits and bobs I've been meaning to put in my e-diary but haven't seemed to have gotten around to. Just stuff I want to keep that I've stumbled upon.


A message from Lu:

Today is International Disturbed People's Day
Please send an encouraging message to a disturbed friend... just as I've done.


I don't care if you lick windows,
take the special bus
or occasionally pee on yourself..
You hang in there sunshine, you're frigging special.




Ripped from the Tim McGraw site. White. It's a pretty colour and sadly underused these days.


Oh hell, the NBA pics stolen from SOL. 'Cos I need eye candy DAMMIT!

I want to know where Joe got my jacket from! I wear one maybe a few inches longer (and smaller no doubt) at work every day. Very slimming effect when it's buttoned.

And I'm liking the Slang hair. Good look for him.

Gah! Dribble! Fwop! Puddles!


I have some videos of a prank that got pulled as revenge on an unsuspecting crew member, but now I can't remember which account I uploaded it to. Will post as soon as my brain comes back from SavLand.

Ooh, and Joe Perry's finally getting his knee repaired. Poor sod's put it off long enough. Now's a good a time as any I guess.

Must shower and be away again. Sandy's 50th birthday is tomorrow and I'm supposed to pick up some stuff for Scotty & his tech before work.

Had another joke floating around but can't remember it either. This is why all this stuff never makes it into my daily entries. Damn, I know it was something good too. Sally and Jack I think. Grrr. Hate it when my brain capacity is used before I'm ready for bed. And if I could get that fucking Tesla song out of me head. It's good, but 24 hours on constant rotation is enough to drive anyone around the bend.
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Speaking of Pretty Men, I thought I'd share a little pic post to rouse the hormones of at least myself. 'Cos I'm seriously depraved. And twisted. And strange. And lacking my thesaurus.

Men! )

Release Me

Feb. 17th, 2008 03:35 pm
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God, William just caught me listening to 'Release Me' and now he's singing it too. Screams, screeches, and cracks all the same as Mal. I've really got to stop listening to music around him.

Oh! And I have posted a rip of "Nine Lives" on my Myspace page. Pretty damn nifty I think. A wee heavy on the Ian Hunter references, but... Whatever. I like Hunter's stuff anyway.

Planning on actually cooking tonight, lasagna I think. Have just a few more things on my to do list that I have to get done before the weekend's over. Amazing how fast time goes by when you're trying to avoid work.
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Getting over the illness finally. Had a wracking cough attack at work as I tried to adjust some poor lady's glasses. She looked half like she wanted to run and not catch it, and half that she felt bad for me so ill and having to work. I'm sure after she climbed into her BMW and went to have her pedicure. Ah, the slings we must suffer. My head has cleared up during the day. I can think for the most part, but am still exhausted. Last night's no sleep trick hasn't helped things, but sometimes things just won't let go when it's time for bed. William was actually quite nice for a change, altho he did keep pressing as to what was wrong. Like I'm going to tell him I had a bad dream about a guy from my past. That would have gone over well at 3am. It was happy in a way, he just wanted to tell me he was safe in heaven still, but not happy as a lot of those 'dreams' are when lost ones come to visit.

I was also called Captain Kirk today. Strange, eh? Something about my technical knowledge, which is strange 'cos you figure they'd line me up with Scotty or Spock instead of Kirk. The party on the other end of the phone sounded like they damn near pissed themselves when the phone was passed to me and I answered 'Kirk here'. Another media issue bitch slapped by my astounding and eccentric store of useless information. I relish in my label of geek. Comes in handy a lot of the time. I don't waste a lot of time scratching my head and going 'Uhh, I think I'll use my lifeline'.

And apparently I have been mentioning Mr. Campbell a bit too much for someone's tastes. Sorry. It's just come up, there's nothing meant by it. With all the Sparkle Lounge PR happening, and the new Dio bootleg where his guitar craps out, and the fact that every time I turn on the radio lately he's playing is all just coincidence. Even the time I had 'Four Letter Word' blasting from my speakers last night. Really, just like the song. Swear it.

Dio bootleg info )

Some eyecandy )

Oh hell, I'll just post the link to 'Four Letter Word'. I'll surmise most have heard it already, but it's a good enough little track to keep passing around.

I think the tanners I asked for should be in shortly. Will be interesting to see how they work. Never used a metal plectrum before, but I know some people swear by them exclusively. Hard to replace if I loose them. Ever actually go out looking for a sixpence piece these days? It's like trying to find a farthing. Half crown? Jesus, when's the last time anyone saw one of them?

I had thought about going out for a bit, but I got to my car and saw the other vehicles sliding sideways down the hill and decided a night in doing laundry might be more beneficial in the long run.


Feb. 1st, 2008 06:54 am
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Had a big dream last night, like I've not had in a good long while. It's fading already but I want to get down what I can remember. Doesn't make any sense either but that's how dreams go. Sure beats the little Mogga dream I had the night before where he just looked at me from the scaffolding and I woke up.

What I can remember )

I'm hoping I can remember more as I think about it, but I think a lot of it is already gone. :( Haven't had an actual sex dream like that in ages, and even longer since I actually slept well enough to orgasm while I was asleep. Bath last night must have done wonders for relaxing me.

Off to work now, should be easier than normal as it's a Baker day. He's demanding, rightfully so for patient care, and pleasant to work with. Such a change from the other coked out doctor.
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Just because the single has Tim McGraw on it, DOES NOT mean it is a country album! It's very wide ranging as they try to find their sound. Some of the experiments work, some don't. I get the feeling it won't be a well recieved album (ala Slang) due to it's varying nature, but Slang grew on me, as has Sparkle Lounge. I love their ballads tho, and sadly there are none on the final cut as of right now.

Fans are already rebelling against the name. Sorry. Might work great for a place name, doesn't work as an album name. Does anyone outside the immediate group even know what the Sparkle Lounge is? Prolly not, eh? If Joe comes out in a white Elvis costume I'm gone. Or anything velvet. Not that velvet's not good on him, but you're gonna have to steer really hard to get of of the 'mediocrity' heap with this one. Ash's work looks photoshopped, at best. Especially the group shots. Best going back to Bramhall Lane and figuring out what you really want to do now. I don't knock Viv and Jewels, not in the least, but you've been so lost since '91. And I ramble.

Spoiler Cut )

So there you have it. Mind, it's just my opinion and I'll more than likely be slated for it if word gets back to camp. The passes are nice this time tho guys. Very... uhh, lounge-ish? Like Vegas in the late 70's? I like the string of lights. Better than the D-L passes back in the day.


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