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* day 21 - a song that you listen to when you’re happy

Again, the day of interruptions. Have done multiple tasks today and feel rather good, but in need of a shower. Have paid off a parking ticket, put $$ on Tim's commissary account, bought dinner and started the potatoes roasting, packed all the guitars, took Dorrie to the groomers, changed around my 401k, closed by HSA, talked to Winchester a bit about using my voucher, got a hold of the old office manager Rita, even managed to wash dishes and do some laundry. Amazing what a bit of sunshine will do.

Still packing. It's going slowly around the other things in life.
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* day 15 - a song that describes you

Sorry about all the teeth shots, the videographer must have been a dentist. I really prefer some of his more recent shows with Dave Nachmanoff, but this is still good. I've been told at times this song is me, so figure that one out.
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day 08 - a song that you know all the words to

This is tough, considering I know the words to most songs. I mean, shit, Rolling Stone top 500 and I bet I can word for word recite about 475.

Why the hell not? Anthem of the heart and anthem of the mind, A funeral dirge for eyes gone blind. Peart's always been the shit. The whole of Fly By Night to Caress of Steel into 2112 is just amazing as far as lyrics go. Even Hemispheres...

Going to go bake some chocolate chip cookies.

Cancel that: I am being called to Syracuse. Oh boy. I'll be home at 3am. :( Suddenly; Work.
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* day 06 - a song that reminds you of somewhere

Grove City. Hambden. Akron. All the loveliest places in Ohio. That shitty little apartment after Joanna lost her house and was losing her practice. Memories of people strung out all over and Sid & Nancy on constant repeat on the VCR. Not good memories, Jerry got sick shortly after and I left and everything went downhill when Joanna died and Pete got arrested. Most of us lived and moved on. Even Dana moved. Lost track of Red.

More cleaning up and boxing today. Doesn't look like I've even made a dent in it. How the hell have I always managed to move in a day or two in the past? Guess I didn't have this much shit before. Hahaha, joke's on me this time trying to lead a 'normal' life.
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day 02 - your least favourite song

Never going to listen to this one again. Didn't like it the first time, still don't understand the fascination with speaking over a computer generated rhythm. I think a Timex watch from WalMart is more musical. This falls into the category of all the trance/rap/dubstep/techno/etc out there. Pretty sad when one is actually preferring disco.
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For today's 'Innit It Cute' pic spam, we have a sleeping man.


So now stuck in Utah. God, I hate the desert. It's not a dry heat, it's just fucking heat. Only a handful of dates left. Apparently there's been a contest again this year and I've not known about it. Men are pigs, that's all I'll say. I think I know why that particular contest was chosen and I think Phil is going to win again by what I was overhearing. At least they could pick a time when someone doesn't have a fucked up ankle or knee or recently deceased father. Even out the playing field, as it were. I know now what Mensch did to people, and I just wonder what PC's contribution was to that mess. I'm sure there's more to it than what's been said, even from the wags. It's just stupid. Stupid, stupid.

Had two tamales today and they're hurting me now. Grease and spice equals heartburn. They were good though, but think I'll be really gassy and fun to be around later tonight. Should find a ginger ale around here before things get started.


Cool, first time using the LJ image host thing and it does get bigger when you click on it. Goddamn photobucket, still can't really find anything better.

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Aug. 10th, 2009 10:04 pm
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Meme stolen from Babzz
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There's a rather bad smell here too, can't really pin it down but it's musty and rotten and slightly metallic. Sour. Yuck.
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Too funny not to share.

And a quick quiz while I wait.

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Time to go, I'm being paged!
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Kate's old lappy has finally died and gone to hard drive hell. It's a miracle the damn thing lasted as long as it did, it was dying back a year plus ago when I was using it.

Pete's doing a bit better. Still taking up his share of resources at NHS and probably driving his doctors crazy. Lord knows he's got enough of them now. He's doing well at home, but as soon as he goes anywhere he starts drinking again. After 40 years of being in pubs and clubs and bars it gets to be a lifestyle. When he's home he's doing well, but he says he's so lonely. It's heartbreaking. That's mostly his complaint now, he's lonely and life is passing him by. He won't get it through his head that he's not 21 anymore, he's 59 for fuck's sake. It's pretty sad, I talk to him every day and there's always a reason why he hasn't done something about anything! Love him, but it's very fucking frustrating. LA's name has been mentioned, as ChrisG's commitments with Marshall have pulled him away. Pete's gotta get better before anything can really happen tho. I don't even think he could handle 'Petecam' duties like he was talking about and keep sober. Two or three years at home, learning how not to drink and then maybe, but not soon. Certainly not now. They're looking at August/September and I hate to be the downer telling everyone it's too soon.

Fin is getting fed up with Wayne Findlay's stuff (says it's too heavy) and it looks like that project is breaking up. Shame, 'cos it would have been fun to work with Kelle Rhoads. Can't understand a damn word Fin tries to say. Better to talk to him in email when I don't have to listen through the burr.

Oh, I passed my ABO test and am now certified according to industry standards. Not state of NY standards, but the rest of the country recognizes me.

There's a bunch of other things that went down while I was gone, but it's like that's already over now and it's movin' the project forward time.

DaveRat was saying the old CalJam in '74 was 105dB spl at 1 mile. Boggling.

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