Sep. 18th, 2013 12:09 am
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Had today off, so I managed to mop all the floors on the ground level. Took a good portion of the morning, between sweeping up the hair and actually scrubbing the poop up where Cash has his 'accidents'. Went out to lunch with William, then treked on over to Lowes'. A bored man with a paypacket and a Home Improvement big box store usually does not end well. He got the bolt/washer/nut he needed and exited, opting for the cheaper egg crate at WalMart as opposed to a roll of messy fiberglass insulation. He's supposed to be making bass traps for the corners, we'll see how this goes.

Went to the local Opticians meeting. Even though I'm not active I am still an optician. Meeting was boring, no interesting topics covered. Met up with Kathy from Waller, whom I used to work with. Had fun with her. Surprised no one from the old office showed up. Heard Kristin might have moved on to Houston Eye Associates; she had waaaay too much promise to be at that little shop. Won a lap top bag from the attendance raffle. It's a nice one as well. Don't know what I'll use it for, but I'll figure out something.

Far as I know tomorrow's schedule is open. Housework is mostly done, lawn is done. Don't know what I'll do with myself.
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Been away for a bit, accumulating 'the crap' as I call it. Valuable vintage media as William refers to it as. I don't mind the vinyl, especially the 180gm or the classical, but he certainly did not need a third copy of the Partridge Family's Shopping Bag. Or the 8-tracks. Glen Campbell's alright, wouldn't say I really feel the need to own his back catalog on original 8track though.

Been working on the stereo again, got one of the amps fixed up. Replaced a few capacitors and resistors that had come loose. Hard finding any solder with lead in it these days. The newer stuff you have to really heat up too much and it's not good on the older components.

Been spending the last three days at the day job. It still sucks. I don't know how the one optician they have running the place now keeps it functioning - he doesn't know right from left. Not cool. But, incompetence runs deep and especially in a small community with no trained people to draw from you get what you get. That and both doctors running the practice are distracted, one with his hip surgery and the other with buying a new 300k house (but he has no money he claims). So it's gone downhill. Staff is miserable and I can understand why, but I can't fix it. The management/owners don't want to fix it. I told the head billing clerk that today and I think she finally got it. Their business though. Can't steer a boat with no rudder, no oars, and a massive hole in the hull.

But, I have a nice bottle of wine and I plan on doing reports all night. Lots of fun. Same hours, different work. Glad I have a good work ethic otherwise I'd be slacking off.
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Have made my new spectacles. Decided to take a break from the contacts and I'm not climbing rigs for the next few months. It's... different. Gonna have to get used to seeing the edge of the lens again and something sitting on my nose.

William approved them, which means they're hideously conservative. I kinda like them, just simple things but the sales rep gave me a comp voucher so free is always good. Not the 24k gold LaFont's I wanted, they're just made in China crap. Will have to find someone to take a picture soon.

Art is coming to visit tomorrow. Always good to see him. Going out to lunch together at an Italian restaurant. Such a sweetheart, too bad he's not interested in younger girls. Ah well. Makeup is a must tomorrow.

William's gone to the bar with Len. Can't say I really like Len, but he does manage to get some things we need here and there. Problem with the last stuff, one of the batches was a pill for Malaria and as far as I know I don't have malaria. Made me sick, did the same to William.

Drinking cranberry and vodka. Nice combination. Not too often I get it.

One more day at work and then I'm on 'vacation' and get to do my other job again. Have phoned my dad but it went to voice mail. Must be out somewhere, hope I get to talk to him. I'd really like to pop in there on my way back from Canada. If the weather holds. Been very windy today and now it's really cold. Paying for November when it was actually fairly nice out. First 'winter' day we've had all season.

Not much to say today. Don't know why I bother to post.
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Just home from the JP/Whitesnake thing and now am headed off to work with Kim Simmonds. He's broken his glasses again sos I get to play Miss fix-it while setting his levels. Damn guy just needs to buy a new pair and stop being such a tightwad. They're not even that nice looking on him. Anyway, will have to pump him for some stuff on PR, as he played with Paul when he was but a wee one. Should make for some fun story time. Need to buy sunscreen, my legs are finally starting to feel better (still look like hell) but I do not want to get burned again. There's supposed to be a tent over us the entire time, but you know how that goes in these sort of events.

The stage is called the 'Budweiser Stage' what else do I need? :)
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Kate's old lappy has finally died and gone to hard drive hell. It's a miracle the damn thing lasted as long as it did, it was dying back a year plus ago when I was using it.

Pete's doing a bit better. Still taking up his share of resources at NHS and probably driving his doctors crazy. Lord knows he's got enough of them now. He's doing well at home, but as soon as he goes anywhere he starts drinking again. After 40 years of being in pubs and clubs and bars it gets to be a lifestyle. When he's home he's doing well, but he says he's so lonely. It's heartbreaking. That's mostly his complaint now, he's lonely and life is passing him by. He won't get it through his head that he's not 21 anymore, he's 59 for fuck's sake. It's pretty sad, I talk to him every day and there's always a reason why he hasn't done something about anything! Love him, but it's very fucking frustrating. LA's name has been mentioned, as ChrisG's commitments with Marshall have pulled him away. Pete's gotta get better before anything can really happen tho. I don't even think he could handle 'Petecam' duties like he was talking about and keep sober. Two or three years at home, learning how not to drink and then maybe, but not soon. Certainly not now. They're looking at August/September and I hate to be the downer telling everyone it's too soon.

Fin is getting fed up with Wayne Findlay's stuff (says it's too heavy) and it looks like that project is breaking up. Shame, 'cos it would have been fun to work with Kelle Rhoads. Can't understand a damn word Fin tries to say. Better to talk to him in email when I don't have to listen through the burr.

Oh, I passed my ABO test and am now certified according to industry standards. Not state of NY standards, but the rest of the country recognizes me.

There's a bunch of other things that went down while I was gone, but it's like that's already over now and it's movin' the project forward time.

DaveRat was saying the old CalJam in '74 was 105dB spl at 1 mile. Boggling.

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Had a crossing last night. Was so anxious about it I didn't sleep well. My first crossing in ages and I was worried about getting in. Not that there was anything to worry about, mind, it was all cleaned up. But usually the midnight staff of the border stations has a bit of what I'm sure they consider fun at our expense by getting us all up, out of bed, and parading us into the station so they can look us over. Didn't get any of that surprisingly and everyone who was coming across sailed in easily.

Been lots of bad behaviour tho. With 17 muso's on a tour there's always something going on. Lots of bad behaviour. Lots. One of the muso's got piss drunk, kicked in their tm's hotel room door, swan dived into the bed (with sleeping manager), and practically gave the guy a heart attack. None of us are getting any younger. Funny tho. At least it wasn't what the rest of us get.

I'm in Canada, eh? Nice place, eh? Makes me want to play lacrosse and have some poutine for supper then visit a strip club. Thank god for the hot dog cart stage right (courtesy of production no less). Dimmer dogs, food of champions. Well, roadies at least.

Tonights in: Canadian Know-How.


Yes, that's a fork lift picking up a fork lift with a load on it. Only in Quebec my friends. Must be the French. Great introduction to Canada for me. Been a long time since I've witnessed this particular brand of creative logic.

Weather's good actually, near 50, but there's still snow in isolated pockets. Just like home. Wonder if all the snow has melted from my deck yet. Actually, Quebec doesn't normally get as much snow as I do at home, but I think they were way past their usual average this season.

The eyeglass/optician rant I wrote up yesterday. Man, I saw him wandering around again today and I wanted to rip the glasses from his head.

AR is for Everybody )

So get that AR, even if you're a musician.

Oh, and Ade's back in Akeley! Good for him. He needs some time off. Didn't take any after his surgery and that's not something you go out and do a year long world tour after. I'll give him credit for being a typical blockheaded Wakeman.


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