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Has my dad in town last week. Was alright, he's not a very social or active person so we watched a lot of tv. Was good to see him again. Managed to get him out for a few things.

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Did this:


Ended up here:


Brought this with me:

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Like all photographers I get the bug for scenery after doing clients all the time.


This was a little place out in the middle of nowhere. Then a bunch of historic row houses, like BAM! Was very pretty for the middle of farmland. Nicely kept too.


This is my favourite, it looks just like the back garden at Bono's house in Dalkey. Wanted to stop but they kept on driving.


Montreaux More NY, fingerlakes region. The grape vines hadn't started to come out yet.


Dec. 26th, 2009 09:11 pm
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DM is estatic. Guess he had some sort of heart scan and it came back that he's healthy as a horse. No blockage or cholesterol problems. I'm telling you, the ones that should die for all the stuff they've done keep on living and the ones who shouldn't die go early. Some sort of raffle going to be held at NAMM for a trip to one of the Sonisphere gigs through TheLiveLine, more details to follow. He still doesn't shut up, but actually said thank you a few times. Must be the holidays have eaten his brain.

Pete said I could share the clip from Lyn's Xmas party. You can see what I mean when I said he wasn't moving around like he should be. Looks like he's not to steady to me. Some pal of PH took it, lots of crowd noise and heads, but it's all there is.

And if LJ eats my entry again, I'm going to do some srs harm to my table.

Ok, so it doesn't like the video encode script. Typical.

Link to Photobucket

And just for the progfanz, here's a good one I found whilst circling Lake Erie.


Photo Misc

Sep. 20th, 2009 09:54 pm
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Have done William's task of inventorying the guits. Wanted them all photo'd for the insurance company. I should have taken better pictures, with serial #'s and all that but I just can't be bothered. He didn't even give me sufficient lighting so they all look like shit.

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A few pics from home that I thought were cool. Mostly orange. Usually the skies get very pink at sunset, but they were orange this night.




And a few from the last few months, just for shits and giggles. )

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This is us, stuck in the storms still lingering over the midwest. All bundled up and nowhere to go.

Hope your week's been better.


Aug. 19th, 2009 11:17 pm
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OMG, Photobucket crapped out on me, saying I've filled up my allotment. Strangely, the 'full' meter is has on the upload page is only about half. ?? I don't know. I'd switch to flickr but at 300 they cut off the free access. I just want to store my shit without having to by a dozen memory cards while I'm out. Is that such a headache? Started a new one, if I bin all the Hawkins stuff I haven't accessed in two/three years I'd probably have loads of space.

Hot food! No ham and cheese today and it was wonderful. Anything's great when a) it's free and b) it's not from a truck stop.

This is Ali. Purveyor of sustenance and always with a smile. Unless she was swatting the flies away, then she didn't smile a lot.

Nate & Billy. Not too much fun and they did not seem to be enjoying life. Their loss.

You can run a crew ragged with multiple shows and longs drives, just make sure they have a safe place to get whatever sleep they can and feed them well and magically most anything is endurable with a smile. Oh, keeping the busses stocked with plenty of alcohol doesn't hurt either.

The new center dV-dosc hang, it's working well and seems to be workign great for fill with a full mix almost identical to the mains.

Was pranked yesterday and got a barrel of water dumped on me. Yeah, you got me, one point for you. Payback's a bitch. ;)

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My husband got a hold of me, suddenly he's all concerned that I was sick. Like hello? You don't talk to me for weeks and suddenly you're asking how I'm doing and telling me I'm working too hard? WTF man? I'm a grown girl and can take care of myself.

Some of the .dll files needed for Vegas suddenly disappeared. Some bits of the SQL server shit the bed, took me forever trolling usenet to find another copy to reinstall. But, got Anna's wedding montage done hastily and have sped it off to her mother. Could do more at home, they're supposed to send video at some point. Would be better to have one of her relatives do a song but they wanted some Savage Garden crap instead. Toyed with the idea of 'mishearing' them and putting Savatage on instead. Would have kept me better entertained. Such is life, not everyone has taste.

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It's Screw with the Band time again.


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Skip if you don't enjoy drunken photography.
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Just got news that Rory made it through surgery alright. About 10-15% of the tumor was cancerous, so it's good that they got it. Recovery is going to be a long road.
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Sad news, Graham Barnell died from an infection related to his leukemia. I'd gotten to know him through Curly Coles and he hung out with us for a little bit on the '08 UFO tour when they'd let him out of hospital. Carpe Diem, at least he did manage to get back home before he passed on.

Some pic spammage Photography Insues )

In addition to all that, mom got a new car, the hot tub was delivered, and we acquired a baby grand piano. Just can't post the pics now, out of time again. Need more time in the day. It's been a hectic week. It might calm down tomorrow, don't know what's on the agenda. Would love just to sit in the hot tub, but there's the parade and fireworks and I think the kids are coming down and then Wednesday it's off to CMac again...

I fear my journal is becoming more like Twitter. I just write down as quickly what I can before I have to get up again. Remember when it used to be a journal, where I could think about things and get my head together? There's so much I want to talk about, and no time.


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