Feb. 15th, 2008 10:32 pm
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So, I'm assuming no one heard of Zal's retirement, as SAHB was my little gig and no one else really dug them so much. Amazingly, they guys are going through with the Nantwich gig. The line up is going to be Max, Chris, Ted,& Hugh with Ex Nina Hagen Guitarist Julian Hutson Saxby. Damn, I really hope they go on with things. Zal was great, always has been, but you can't let all those good tunes die just because the band members have all given up or died.

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I'm constantly amazed that no one knows about them. More so than with UFO, 'cos Pete and Phil's antics (not to mention Michael's) have made them (in)famous in their own ways. SAHB has always been more of a 'musician's band' than a band that draws a large following. Like Taj Mahal and Richie Havens. Too good for the public.

What a frontman he was.

So, bumming around things and stumbled across a webpage about the old Glasgow Apollo. Tons of great little bits in there. The pictures of the ACDC crowd are priceless. A lot of history there if you've got the time to poke around. A lot of love's been put into that site.

No gigs this weekend. The boys are breaking for a while until the next leg picks up. Don't have dates, other than there's a major conflict coming up in April or May. Can't remember off the top of my head. The Tangier's gig date. Bad news, no one will be happy. I can't be in two places at once, as much as I'd like to be.

Since I've cluttered up a full page with Alex stuff, I thought I'd throw in an old personal one. Very fitting for this post, and don't think I've shown it around too much before. Still can't part him from the Zeppelin gear. His wardrobe must look like mine. Too bad I had the craptastic camera at the time. Ah, technology. At least there is a photo. The Leptards will get a kick out of it if they've got their glasses on.


Anything else interesting? Nope. As I told Aimee (who finally woke up! yay) everyone thinks their own life is boring. People are at their most interesting when they're boring 'cos all the shite falls away. At the end of the day everyone complains about a hangnail. Doesn't matter if you're a bum on the street or flying in a private jet. It's that damn hangnail that makes the blog.

I should log off now. Have to write lots tomorrow. Mailbox is stacked up again, and I want to get back to writing my story. Or reading "Into the Darkness and Light". Finally got that one printed out on paper and can enjoy it whenever I want now.

Yep! Goodnight!


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