Oct. 5th, 2009 11:49 pm
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I have eaten far too many cookies (thanks Wayne), and that tenth glass of wine tasted a bit dodgy. Magic metallic wristbands are no match for a bellyful of cookies.

Current FR score is two boxes.
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Am already dead.

Last night... Technical problems galore. Injured my foot, was balanced on the end of the apron with my toes off the edge and something in the bottom of my left foot spasmed. Hurts and is throwing off my stride, look like I'm limping. Keeps wanting to cramp up.

Keyboard problems, damn thing never worked at all last night, ended up just shitcanning it. Don't even know what the problem was, it worked at check but failed hard live. Had a Gibson cut out on us as well, bad cable probably, made the guitarist use his Charvel the whole night. Had the tone of limp spaghetti. I had a Charvel once myself, hated it. That guitarist was going through JCM900's, and the setup was eyebrow raising. Didn't plug him in for the jam bit at the end, don't think anyone even noticed. Had a big spaghetti monster as well, but a little bit of Queen keeps the crowd going.

Some good parts. The singer for Alecstar (whom I've only talked to email) was a sweetheart, cross between Kevin Cronin and Jon Waite. Kinda cute in that used to be hot way. Bassist Jack was a goofball, very reminiscent of Alex Lifeson. Crowded in the dressing room though. Got handed a bunch of swag, haven't even really looked at it yet. Think there's some NOS 45's in there somewhere. Cool.

M&G was scary, the venue dumped everyone - band, crew, & floor - into the lobby and said goodnight. Was... unusual to say the least. Chaos. Merch was being ripped down as people were leaving, trying to buy stuff on the way out. It's not like either band was going to the next gig, they were going back home. No rush. Meanwhile Brigitte is standing there with my luggage waving me over and physically pushing me from the venue. Nothing but love, I swear. Flight was delayed anyway due to fog, so I don't know why I hurried so much.

Had to get a cab to the venue for $50. Bloody things are getting out of hand. Feels like home though, lots of big hugs and Kate shared her chocolate. She's not feeling well, gets bad carsick. Bussick as it were. Gonna let her sleep in the front lounge probably. Will be my first time working with some of the new tracks, I hope I remember my cues.
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Myspace is telling me that I might know someone by the name of Justin Hawkins and I should add him to my friends list.

Uh-huh, says Ike Willis. I think theys po-tay-toe been bakin a bit too long, if you acquire my di-rectione.

Holy shit, I need to get out of here.
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For today's 'Innit It Cute' pic spam, we have a sleeping man.


So now stuck in Utah. God, I hate the desert. It's not a dry heat, it's just fucking heat. Only a handful of dates left. Apparently there's been a contest again this year and I've not known about it. Men are pigs, that's all I'll say. I think I know why that particular contest was chosen and I think Phil is going to win again by what I was overhearing. At least they could pick a time when someone doesn't have a fucked up ankle or knee or recently deceased father. Even out the playing field, as it were. I know now what Mensch did to people, and I just wonder what PC's contribution was to that mess. I'm sure there's more to it than what's been said, even from the wags. It's just stupid. Stupid, stupid.

Had two tamales today and they're hurting me now. Grease and spice equals heartburn. They were good though, but think I'll be really gassy and fun to be around later tonight. Should find a ginger ale around here before things get started.


Cool, first time using the LJ image host thing and it does get bigger when you click on it. Goddamn photobucket, still can't really find anything better.

And stole this from Babzz Meme )


Aug. 19th, 2009 11:17 pm
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OMG, Photobucket crapped out on me, saying I've filled up my allotment. Strangely, the 'full' meter is has on the upload page is only about half. ?? I don't know. I'd switch to flickr but at 300 they cut off the free access. I just want to store my shit without having to by a dozen memory cards while I'm out. Is that such a headache? Started a new one, if I bin all the Hawkins stuff I haven't accessed in two/three years I'd probably have loads of space.

Hot food! No ham and cheese today and it was wonderful. Anything's great when a) it's free and b) it's not from a truck stop.

This is Ali. Purveyor of sustenance and always with a smile. Unless she was swatting the flies away, then she didn't smile a lot.

Nate & Billy. Not too much fun and they did not seem to be enjoying life. Their loss.

You can run a crew ragged with multiple shows and longs drives, just make sure they have a safe place to get whatever sleep they can and feed them well and magically most anything is endurable with a smile. Oh, keeping the busses stocked with plenty of alcohol doesn't hurt either.

The new center dV-dosc hang, it's working well and seems to be workign great for fill with a full mix almost identical to the mains.

Was pranked yesterday and got a barrel of water dumped on me. Yeah, you got me, one point for you. Payback's a bitch. ;)

Heat Sick

Aug. 16th, 2009 10:33 am
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Obligatory case of sun/heat sick done for the season. Was so out of commission yesterday. Didn't help everyone kept feeding me beers. Slept most of the day away until about six, then passed out again about 1am. Supposed to be hotter today, will have to do a better job of finding some air conditioning and sticking to water or gatorade. And food. Think I had a half a cup of dry cereal and that was it. Might be part of the reason I got sick, but I just can't eat when it's that hot out.

Had a great dream that I was in England yesterday during one of the times I was passed out. Was just walking the streets. Looked somewhere in London, I think right around Old Church Street. Pretty cool. Also had a dream that I had to pack up the house quickly and leave 'cos the nuclear plant exploded. Not so cool. Wasn't my house though, would be interesting to see who has a kitchen with that layout.
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It's Screw with the Band time again.


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Skip if you don't enjoy drunken photography.
Read more... )

Just got news that Rory made it through surgery alright. About 10-15% of the tumor was cancerous, so it's good that they got it. Recovery is going to be a long road.
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Now that I've gotten that out of the way...

Had an emergency change of plans, had to head out to help Paulie's drummer's brother's band as their tech just didn't show up for some reason. This was all Friday. Nothing was done right, every time the drummer closed his high hat there was this giant percussive boom from the mic not being set up right. I don't know where they got their feeder from, but it was all taped together and spliced and people were stepping on it, spilling beer on it, just not good. Bass player (the guy's brother) thinks he can sing (backups) but it double or triple sharp on most things, ended up putting him very low in the mix which I'm sure he's pissed about. They were slamming the Jager and it just got worse and worse. One follow spot, a lamp that size should have been a max of 25' from the apron, but they had it back easily 75' and there was no one to run it. The guy who they convinced to man it ended up standing on a chair and just swinging the thing around like a newb. Somehow he found a blue gel and we had no follow spot all second set. Man it was bad. And this is supposed to be one of the top billing acts in the area. Maybe I'm just spoiled.

I love festival sets. 'You got twenty minutes for change out. Go.' Err, yeah, maybe with two ramps. Went fairly well. Rained a lot of the afternoon, left a giant puddle to the front left of foh. Lots of mud and wasted space. We got a lot of lightning/thunder from about 10p-midnight but it didn't affect anything. Crowds were def. on the small side due to weather. That's how it goes. Did manage to meet Dan Aykroyd, that was kinda cool.

The bad news is I thought Kim had broken his glasses with the blue lenses, the old Ralph Lauren ones. He turned up with some zyl tortoise pair, god knows where he got them from. Fixable with a bit of creativity the spring hinge should get him through the day. He'll have to get a new pair though.

I won't go into the salmon coloured jacket or whatelse not. He's still a prick.

Going back for more tomorrow. Have a stonking headache, the tent promised turned out to be a 10x10 EZ-up. Saved the gear but I'm sun sick. Been outside too much last few weeks.
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Sad news, Graham Barnell died from an infection related to his leukemia. I'd gotten to know him through Curly Coles and he hung out with us for a little bit on the '08 UFO tour when they'd let him out of hospital. Carpe Diem, at least he did manage to get back home before he passed on.

Some pic spammage Photography Insues )

In addition to all that, mom got a new car, the hot tub was delivered, and we acquired a baby grand piano. Just can't post the pics now, out of time again. Need more time in the day. It's been a hectic week. It might calm down tomorrow, don't know what's on the agenda. Would love just to sit in the hot tub, but there's the parade and fireworks and I think the kids are coming down and then Wednesday it's off to CMac again...

I fear my journal is becoming more like Twitter. I just write down as quickly what I can before I have to get up again. Remember when it used to be a journal, where I could think about things and get my head together? There's so much I want to talk about, and no time.

Boy Scout

Jun. 29th, 2009 10:15 pm
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I think my dad was correct. After being out with me a few days and hitting two gigs he said, 'So you're the den mother for a bunch of very long haired boys.' Yeah, I think that just about covers it.
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Feels good to be home and on familiar territory again. I won't say anything about the talks with EMI, they've always been a bunch of clueless fuckers who've just happened to be very lucky. No innovation or good ideas anywhere, not since they started, and it's only gone downhill from there.

I have collected my father and am exposing him to the worst of foreign customs and rude behaviour. They're doing their best to keep me off the front and back in the tuning room. It's not working as I've made it to the backline with some long haired creep pushing me around. Hahaha Pickaso. Jean-Luc Pickgard.

Took Scott up to a little wine shop in Coventry and have restocked him. Must have dropped a good $200 for everyone.

You should see the new posters on the guy's wardrobe cases. Surely little innocent Dave had nothing to do with it.

Here's a one off of Viv in above said case so you can go fuck off and get back to work.


There, that's it. I'm gonna go see if the lounge is empty.


Jun. 16th, 2009 11:37 pm
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Sorted through some of my pictures today. Nothing really of any artistic value.

PicSpam )

Not much for a picspam, but it's all I can really share. Had a great one of breakfast with Billy holding up one of his prints of Van. Lots of show shots. All under umbrella.

But, I did get a video of Marcus off Steve. Kid is five years old and playing against ten year olds, running circles around them. The video is of his age league and it's bad, they have to bench the kid so the others can play. The sad part is Dunk is three and plays even better.

William came up a few minutes ago and asked why I had a pic of DM on my desktop. 'He's a pansy and a drunk'. Yeah, ok, looks who's talking. Oh well.

Off to bed, more fun stuff tomorrow. Gotta head to the bank and clear up some more paperwork issues. Just what I wanted to do.

Anyone see PM's kilt? He hasn't got the legs for it sadly, but their driver up to M-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-Madchester.... Could be another Schenker kin if I didn't know better.
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Less than a week and I see Billy again. Can't wait. I really need some time away. Four days doesn't sound like a lot, but it's enough to keep me going for another year.

Probably dropping back in on the Lep camp later in the month just to say hi and feel up hang out with Pilgrim.

Still trying to talk Ron into some comps so I can bring my dad. Hate to say it, but I'd rather watch their opening band. Oh well. My dad would love to see H&H, even if he's never heard of C&C. Did switch DM onto them, so now they've got another rabid fan. Thinking of getting a keywork wall art thing for William.

Today has been the shit, and this time I can show you why.


The teamster thought he was helping and courteously opened the doors to make in easier. Then he backed up to the dock. It never gets old.

Probably shouldn't say this, but Danny's been airing some dirty laundry about PC. I know it's true, but it's all a shock to most people and certainly not something that needs to be brought up at this late juncture. Twenty years is a long time to hold a grudge. He's seen how far Gator Country has gone, and compare that with Tyketto, I'm just not sure why DV's so bitter about it all. They were all doing bad things back then, maybe Tonka worse than others, but none of them were innocent little angels. Never understood how people's heads work.


Apr. 23rd, 2008 08:28 pm
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I should prolly be sleeping now, but seems as I'm stuck in 'on' mode. Tried sitting back in the quiet room for a bit, but even that's a bit noisy with people trying to escape the dinner crowd.

The fire that some people might have heard about was last night - nothing to do with us. Happened during a basketball game, not our load in. Just a short most likely from dust on the underside of a beam in a junction box. Not confetti related as I'd heard rumour of. Not on the 'traditional' scoreboard either - it was a mobile vid screen. Everything is intact and functional and it was not as bad as it was made out to be.

Yes, sadly Bruce Kapp, VP of LiveNation has passed on. He was a longtime friend and associate of many managers, including some out here with us, and our condolences go out to his many, many friends in our business.

Tomorrow should prove interesting. Day off in Las Vegas. Every year this happens, and every year things go badly. You'd figure the booking agents and management would learn not to give us a day off in Vegas after last year. Thankfully, I don't gamble and that scene doesn't interest me in the least, but I know a lot of the brothas will be out doing both wild and crazy things. At least the day off is on ante side as opposed to the post side of the gig. Less people likely to be oil spotted or arrested.

Cold and windy today to hot and prolly sunny tomorrow. Sounds like not a good combo for those still with vestiges of the crunk. Mayhap the sun will dry everyone up.

Really need to find a way to dump the images on my camera. Too cheap to buy another card and too absent minded to bring it with me into the venue. Don't feel like running out and getting it. Looks like rain, but hahahaha, that's what it's famous for up this way isn't it? The exhaustion will feel good in a few days, just gotta make it over the hump. Almost ready for a coffee. Almost. Yuck.
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Right now, there are two guys in a cavernous backstage hall practicing throwing an artist's hat between them at a specific distance. This is so that when during the show an artist 'spontaneously' flings his hat toward his roadie, the guy can whip out his hand and catch it ever so casually but precisely. You wouldn't believe how much practice goes into this kinda crap.

Smoke & mirrors, baby, smoke & mirrors.

And God Bless Alaskan Air. Saved my arse again.
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Had a crossing last night. Was so anxious about it I didn't sleep well. My first crossing in ages and I was worried about getting in. Not that there was anything to worry about, mind, it was all cleaned up. But usually the midnight staff of the border stations has a bit of what I'm sure they consider fun at our expense by getting us all up, out of bed, and parading us into the station so they can look us over. Didn't get any of that surprisingly and everyone who was coming across sailed in easily.

Been lots of bad behaviour tho. With 17 muso's on a tour there's always something going on. Lots of bad behaviour. Lots. One of the muso's got piss drunk, kicked in their tm's hotel room door, swan dived into the bed (with sleeping manager), and practically gave the guy a heart attack. None of us are getting any younger. Funny tho. At least it wasn't what the rest of us get.

I'm in Canada, eh? Nice place, eh? Makes me want to play lacrosse and have some poutine for supper then visit a strip club. Thank god for the hot dog cart stage right (courtesy of production no less). Dimmer dogs, food of champions. Well, roadies at least.

Tonights in: Canadian Know-How.


Yes, that's a fork lift picking up a fork lift with a load on it. Only in Quebec my friends. Must be the French. Great introduction to Canada for me. Been a long time since I've witnessed this particular brand of creative logic.

Weather's good actually, near 50, but there's still snow in isolated pockets. Just like home. Wonder if all the snow has melted from my deck yet. Actually, Quebec doesn't normally get as much snow as I do at home, but I think they were way past their usual average this season.

The eyeglass/optician rant I wrote up yesterday. Man, I saw him wandering around again today and I wanted to rip the glasses from his head.

AR is for Everybody )

So get that AR, even if you're a musician.

Oh, and Ade's back in Akeley! Good for him. He needs some time off. Didn't take any after his surgery and that's not something you go out and do a year long world tour after. I'll give him credit for being a typical blockheaded Wakeman.
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I feel like talking, but at the same time being anti-social. Things have been just off for me today, was late getting the vertec's up and it just threw off everything for everyone. Still having a lot of problems with REO's sound - RF mostly. Strange it isn't there for the other bands. Can't track it down. Still blaming it on the lighting crew (it's always their fault anyway).

Forgot to turn off a transmitter during check and the end result was two transmitters on the same frequency. Gave everyone quite the headache and I've had my share of stuff thrown at me. Thank you, guys. Never knew you cared so much.

Not enough orange gatorade to go around. I left mine on the line at switch and it was 'accidentally' drank by someone else. Oops. I couldn't take his other one either. :( Had a lemon-lime green one but it irritates my throat.

Speaking of oranges, the orange juice sucks. Some kind of health nut organic no cows involved stuff. I want what I'm used to and what I get at home from the grocery store. The cheap stuff. Without the clumps and chunks in it. The stuff not made from real oranges, 'cos I'm that type of girl.

At least it's Sunday and there was some stir fry kicking about.

Feeling a bit guilty for a number of reasons, not only my own fuck ups today, but some of yesterday's stuff. Won't get into some of it, talked to one of my best mates about it a bit this morning. On top of it, I really don't know what I'm doing here. Learning? Working? Seeing the world and hanging on? I do what I do but I'm no match for half of the guys on this crew. It's way too big a show for me and too quick a jump from the little gigs I'm used to doing into this A1 world. One thing wrong rigging shite and tens of thousands of dollars of equipment comes crashing down. I don't worry about frying a board, I know my way around that, but what the hell do I know about a Strand console? Nothing. The old Hog2 I can fly in an emergency, but not this monsterous beast. The guys have been so sweet tho, probably 'cos they're not used to seeing a female tech. Been hanging around and soaking up all I can (Borga and Jimmy, I owe you two the world). That's another area I feel badly about. I wasn't hired to work with them. Yet I seem to get on better with that half of the crew than the people I'm supposed to work with. Hell, there's a few techs who I've only seen in passing running around or calling something out to me. It's cool, I know they're busy, but just feel I don't know, uncomfortable, that I'm not working more with my own team and have fallen in with the other camps. Not that it's separated at all like that, everyone mingles, but I should (or think I should) be spending more time on my employer's rigs than the event as a whole.

And also a bit guilty I'm not writing back to people as I should. Took me damn near a week (or two?) to get back to Babzz and my brother. Still have a few messages waiting for responses. Don't think I've responded to comments since I left home really. Plenty of time to sit in the back lounge and hang out, but not enough time to call my dad and let him know I'm ok. That's not cool. Need to get my priorities straightened out I guess. I knew a long time ago that this life would kill me, maybe not as swiftly as I'd always thought, but it does strange things to your head. There were some long nights I used to talk to Paul about it all - I miss his company. He was fun but steady as a rock. Someone I could lean on when I wasn't doing so well and didn't have to worry about him getting the wrong idea. Well, it never had romantic overtones on my part, don't know about him. He saw everything unfold and was there when I needed him. A tour buddy, I guess is what he was. A friend. Life Mentor. The guys here are nice enough, but crazy. Don't have that connection with any of them.

And there's another bit of guilt. They're starting their tour next week and I'm not there. Dammit, I should be there, even if Pete's not. I've been through the logical reasons why I should be here instead of there, but my loyalty is screaming at me that I need to be with them, on their crappy little bus from 1985 with the mirrors on the back sides of the cushions and the windows that don't work, not on this slicked out high budget affair.

The tv is on - great little program running, a repeat but a goodie. Searching for satellite signal. One of my favourites. Luckily, it's on a lot so I get to catch up on it.

Oh, and one pic as Photobucket has decided to take a few of my ups again. I spend a fair amount of time here lately and it's cool.


*edit* Sorry, forgot to cut the size of that pic down. All fixed now I hope.
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Still illing, despite trying to kill the bug with Bushmills. Seems immune, altho the rest of the 1st gen are starting to come around and now it's me and the 2nd stringers coughing it out. Was an off day so I've rested a bit and then went exploring.

There's really only three things to do on a day off.

1. Nothing
2. Wander Around
3. Something

Occasionally there'll be a 4th item (family) but that's rare.

1. Includes laundry, resting, drinking, smoking, being on the computer...
2. Basically, picking a direction and hoofing it. Sometimes you run into the Eiffel Tower and sometimes into the abandoned warehouse district. The Early Morning Risers favour this, and most others resent them for it. 'Yeah, this great little cafe up the hill and turn right for two miles...' Bleary eyed and still crusty the rest of us are silently cursing them.
3. Usually involves a little planning, whether it's renting a bike or jet ski or getting a ticket for something.

Have taken some photos, but the upload feature seems to have quit working after only one was upped. If this is you with James Young, please contact me as I've lost the slip of paper I had your addy on. Good luck on that one, I think the guy will just be out his photo. Really should get a small notepad, as people are always having problems with their cameras and I can't remember names/emails for the life of me. Ain't no Gross, but I do manage a good 'Me + my idol 4ever' snap.


I did also finally do a bit of #1 (nothing) this morning. It's for the LepGirls - someone said they wanted a .gif of a clip from DonValley. Any excuse to watch that bit a few times to get the framing right.



More photos to come later when photobucket feels like playing along.
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Z-packs for all, with lots of that antibacterial handwash stuff. Everyone's got the crunk and trying harder than hell not to get the meal tickets (musicians) ill. Weather has been the suck, going from that nice bit of Florida sun to back north again. Cough is nagging and it's making my back hurt. Not coughing up anything (yet) but it's wearing me down just enough so that I'm miserable. Should really try and find the time to see DTox, as this is about as close to Philly as I'm gonna get this leg. Hell, driving past there tonight I should just have him come get me.

And for anyone who was worried about the busses - it was a joke. Never believe anything posted on 1stApril. The concern is appreciated, but everything's fine.

KK & the infamous Borga

After a night away, the ego riser is back. Damn thing is a bitch to set up, would be much better if they just stuck to the normal apron. Bummed the pic from FiFi's spot op, so sorry about the quality.

Have been hearing lovely things about the slides tho. Seems like ppl like them, but I've always found them distracting. Go figure.

Oh - Bryan the LD for TSOEast says that the '08 run is going to be 'off the cuff' and from him that's exciting. Should be a good show, they always are. Get tickets if you can.


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