Jan. 1st, 2010 11:53 pm
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Look how young they were.


Dec. 27th, 2009 12:53 am
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GIP, just for you.


Dec. 26th, 2009 09:11 pm
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DM is estatic. Guess he had some sort of heart scan and it came back that he's healthy as a horse. No blockage or cholesterol problems. I'm telling you, the ones that should die for all the stuff they've done keep on living and the ones who shouldn't die go early. Some sort of raffle going to be held at NAMM for a trip to one of the Sonisphere gigs through TheLiveLine, more details to follow. He still doesn't shut up, but actually said thank you a few times. Must be the holidays have eaten his brain.

Pete said I could share the clip from Lyn's Xmas party. You can see what I mean when I said he wasn't moving around like he should be. Looks like he's not to steady to me. Some pal of PH took it, lots of crowd noise and heads, but it's all there is.

And if LJ eats my entry again, I'm going to do some srs harm to my table.

Ok, so it doesn't like the video encode script. Typical.

Link to Photobucket

And just for the progfanz, here's a good one I found whilst circling Lake Erie.

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Spotted overhead today.



Aug. 11th, 2009 06:39 pm
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So, this is the part of the fun life where shit hits the wall and none of the choices are good.

Read more... )

Oh, the sins of youth.

I haven't had good Baker's Square pie in years. Sounds good about now.

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Have I mentioned before how much I dislike Fender guitars? Was reduced to playing one today and it was just crap. Cannot stand their fretboards. Don't know what it is, they feel so damn blocky and I can't find anything on them. Even a really nice one and things just aren't where their supposed to be. Ended up on a beater Ibanez and it was miles better. Not as good as my PRS but at least the frets were where they were supposed to be. The Fender was bugging me no end. I don't get how a $300 Ibanez can feel so good and a $3,000 Fender can be so shitty. Don't get me wrong, in the right hands it sounds great, but it wasn't for me.

Had the (dis)pleasure of dealing with Geoff Barton today. Bragging about phoning up to Birmingham like it was such a hassle getting PW in between his doctor's appointments. To quote the mighty PW: "I can take any drugs you give me. I’m quite prolific on that subject. Give me all the fucking drugs you want, pal. I’ll show you." He is fighting, at least on the public front. Alls well that prints well. Probably will be printed next week sometime.

Thunderstorm coming through.
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Kate's old lappy has finally died and gone to hard drive hell. It's a miracle the damn thing lasted as long as it did, it was dying back a year plus ago when I was using it.

Pete's doing a bit better. Still taking up his share of resources at NHS and probably driving his doctors crazy. Lord knows he's got enough of them now. He's doing well at home, but as soon as he goes anywhere he starts drinking again. After 40 years of being in pubs and clubs and bars it gets to be a lifestyle. When he's home he's doing well, but he says he's so lonely. It's heartbreaking. That's mostly his complaint now, he's lonely and life is passing him by. He won't get it through his head that he's not 21 anymore, he's 59 for fuck's sake. It's pretty sad, I talk to him every day and there's always a reason why he hasn't done something about anything! Love him, but it's very fucking frustrating. LA's name has been mentioned, as ChrisG's commitments with Marshall have pulled him away. Pete's gotta get better before anything can really happen tho. I don't even think he could handle 'Petecam' duties like he was talking about and keep sober. Two or three years at home, learning how not to drink and then maybe, but not soon. Certainly not now. They're looking at August/September and I hate to be the downer telling everyone it's too soon.

Fin is getting fed up with Wayne Findlay's stuff (says it's too heavy) and it looks like that project is breaking up. Shame, 'cos it would have been fun to work with Kelle Rhoads. Can't understand a damn word Fin tries to say. Better to talk to him in email when I don't have to listen through the burr.

Oh, I passed my ABO test and am now certified according to industry standards. Not state of NY standards, but the rest of the country recognizes me.

There's a bunch of other things that went down while I was gone, but it's like that's already over now and it's movin' the project forward time.

DaveRat was saying the old CalJam in '74 was 105dB spl at 1 mile. Boggling.

Added Meme
From Reenie )

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So Phil tells me Brighton (where he lives) is the gay capitol of Britain and he sees lots of gay men swimming outside his front door. Could possibly be a great story if someone in MIH's got the time to write it.

Ended up talking to Phil because Pete's checked himself into hospital for ten days, trying to get himself on the sorted out.

So yeah, that like ended my day.

Before that bombshell, was talking about Randy Travis and was shown his new video. I know I'm not usually pegged as a Country Fan, but I do like honest music and you get a lot of it around others you work with. So were were all watching the closest we could find on YouBoob and the guys were all going, 'Man, he looks bad.' And I was thinking 'Damn, he looks like Newkid.'

He's always been a skinny boy, and it looks like he watches what he eats and exercises, but he doesn't look cancer sickly to me. I think he looks good for being 50, he's not gotten all bloated and heavy like the rest of us have.

Randy Travis

jason newsted Pictures, Images and Photos

I think it's just me on that one.


Mar. 22nd, 2009 10:28 pm
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It's like watching a slice of history. Great to see everyone looking so *young*. Andy's got the same smile. :D And of course the bloke in the yellow trunks ain't too bad either.
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Been receiving a few emails lately regarding the Pete situation, and I just want to thank you all for your kind messages - not this time for Pete, but for the way you understand that even though I'd love to respond to some of the comments being circulated, and to put some of the speculation to rest, I've gotta bite my tongue and keep quiet.

If things behind the scenes aren't the way they seem on the surface (and no they aren't, cos they never are in any 'family') it won't help anyone if the family washes the shiiiit out of the sheets in public. As devoted fans we all care about the band, and the band are very humble at knowing how much you care and how much you want the best for everyone involved. That's the total truth. But knowing all the ins and outs of wossgoingon won't make any of the fans' lives easier/brighter/happier/richer. And in any case, in every family, the view each person sees depends on where in da house they're standing. And also on whether the light's out, of course.

As a dodgy old geezer once said. "There aint no Alice here, this aint no Wonderland".

Anyroad boys'n'girls, the new album's coming out soon - living proof that these fellas are still rock-ready! And look out for the artwork cos it's a photo of the band and crew relaxing on a day off during the tour. Nahhhh, of course it isn't. But it very well could be!


Apr. 13th, 2008 12:22 pm
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They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but it's all a bit too close for me.


Oh dear.

But, all in all a great time. Merch in equalled swag out, no one fell over pissed, few minor problems with a cable but a good night. Rob's working out well, everyone likes him and he's not stepping on any toes. Still miss 'Belladonna' from the set list. Was a fave.



The openers were funny, they started off with a Lep tune, probably no idea of where I'd been. Their singer wasn't too bad, had some nice hair, but every other word out his mouth was 'fuck'. Had some decent presence, but no class.

Turns out it was great I got out of Canada when I did. Everyone was parked at a mall somewhere trying to figure out what to do and the tank on my bus leaked down into the luggage bay. Joyous! Lots of wash loads for the guys who stayed on. The guys with Samsonite cases survived without much incident, but a lot of us use softsided cases 'cos of the weight and different travel issues. I feel bad for the runner - ten cases of luggage dripping with urine all needing to be washed.

I have my own laundry to do, and should probably get at it. Working back for the OD a bit next week as a pick up, so it's not even real time off while the guys rest up.


Apr. 11th, 2008 09:19 pm
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Peter Frederick Way, you're a fucking dead man when I see you again.
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I'd forgotten, I was going to share my article when I'd gotten it done. Guess this should be an amendment to the post a few minutes back, but I can't be fucked right now.

The first crash of UFO, as told in a totally biased and unprofessional manner by yours truly. Certainly not biased in any way, shape or form. 'Course not. Not that Pete did anything out of control like setting fire to the monitors the night Phil went after Brooksy. Nah.

Article for Tonio: The First Crash of UFO )
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Rob Deluca. No no no no no. Rob is to be Pete's replacement. I think the announcement is going to be made tomorrow. He's nothing more than a mercenary - holds his own musically but contributes very little else. And that's what they want in a way. They can't replace Pete and it's just temporary (hopefully). Rob used to work with Sab, and if after dealing with that kind of histrionics he should be able to weather Mogg.

God help us all.
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I'm back. Have been off the box for a few days, doubt anyone has noticed. But... The family thing is taken care of and mum doesn't feel so neglected anymore. It's kind of sad. I enjoy her company and like hanging out, but I need my time as well. And, unfortunately, that involves being on the computer either reading, writing, listening, or playing. Or all four at once. No wonder I have ADD.

Still working on who's to take Pete's place. There's a few guys who are being mentioned. It's really sad, 'cos the Tangiers gig was scheduled just for him so he could be close to the Cleveland/Columbus area for a few days but it's not to be. Damn US Embassy. The politics of it all is so stupid. They'll let suicide bombers and welfare cases in, but someone who wants to make some taxable revenue (not to mention the amount of $$ processed through Pete's liver on a nightly basis) and he's not ok to enter? WTF? No point in getting upset about it, I think he saw it coming which is why he took up with Finn. Maybe he'll be back for the Spain date. Won't be the same without him. Just seems like lots of worse people get let into the country all the time and he gets denied. I don't know if it's an actual ban like Paul has in Japan, or just a rejection. Hoping it's just a rejection. At least Japan comes right out and tells you how long you have to stay away for. Pete's car and all of his stuff is still in a few storage units. God knows when he'll be able to get that stuff back. I'd imagine Joe's got access to his things. Seems to be one of the few people Pete trusts like that. Just don't want to see him lose everything you know?

On that same thread (kind of) someone gave me the idea of doing a cracktastic history of the band based on what I've heard and overheard. Sounds like fun if I have the time. Go back to when they formed and write a crack article (as I'm fond of) on how the crackheads have repeatedly run themselves into the pavement. Crackalicious! Will have to keep it unbiased of course, like a serious journalist. Should prove to be fun if I can find the time.

Got to hang out with Scotty all day today. He was doing some work on the contact lens inventory room. He's so cool. Not quite as cool as his older brother Dan, but still a good guy. Great to have someone to joke with while working at the office. Left work a total disaster area. In all honesty I don't care anymore. If people want their glasses they can make them themselves. I'm pulled too thin to do everything and the physical manufacturing end fell through. Fuck it, it'll all be there on Monday.

William bought me a monopod today. Was really sweet of him. I hate using flash photography at events. I find that A) it doesn't work for shite and B) it's fucking rude to the guys on stage. So my pics are always a bit dark and I've more waste than a lot of other photographers but it's how I want to proceed. Haven't tried it out yet, but it looks to be good. As long as I can get the shutter speed over 1/60 a lot of the shake will be gone. I can hold steady down to about 1/30 on a good day, but drinking at a noisy venue and sometimes even 1/100 isn't fast enough. Frank's women takes great pictures of their band with her little camera, but she forgets that she blinds everyone in a 10 metre radius, and it doesn't fill like proper lighting should. The best solution would be for Bob or the band to get an actual lighting rig, but I don't see that happening anytime soon. The local bands never photograph as well as the pro's. It's that damn red gel pack Bob's so fond of. Looks great on stage, but it's not so good for photography. Random Chase is a lazy man's answer. Not that I'm expecting 'Pulse' out of anyone - it's just Oswego. Again, unreasonably spoiled and unwilling to compromise. Aaah, the hazards of being on crew.

Artist/Song meme, gakked from [ profile] lesh. Been meaning to do it for a few days and just haven't had the time.
Artist/Song meme )

Read a bit of a good story over the last few days. Good author, starts out great. Interesting plot, good set up, lots of nice work happening. So I'm into it and loving it and then it's like she got tired of the story. Gah, it's like dropping the bomb on Hiroshima. I kept scrolling down looking for the rest of the story, but there wasn't any more. Things were going along great, the main plot point had just come out and then the author goes 'Well, since Vivian lied to me I married Bob and lived happily ever after.' Uhh, wait, you were working on the set of a movie you'd written, trying to cast the male lead, possibly hooking up with a few other guys and figuring out who you were as a person and seeing how your friends reacted and becoming famous and then it just suddenly cuts out and there's no continuity. You'd just found out why the guy cozied up to you - so what happened? It literally went from discovery of the conflict to 'the end' in about three paragraphs. Another WTF moment! If she'd only work on it it would be a really killer story. The bones are there. It was sent as a complete piece as well, not even a WIP. I'd have no problem if it was a WIP, but it's not. Horrible, I'm telling you. The things that are sent to beta these days. (shakes head) I could see if it was her first fic or she was ESL or something (anything) else, but she's not. Do I write it for her? Does she really just need a kick in the head? Run out of ideas, time, or fortitude? I hope she doesn't cry if I even reply to her.

Supposed to storm here all weekend. Icy/snowy/slushy mix. Looks like I'll be indoors all weekend. Good for me because the house needs a major clean. Not so good because the house needs a major clean. Starting to look like a bunch of drunks live here.

Are you a roadie based in the UK? October Films is looking for roadies to take part in a documentary about what it's like working and living on tour. They want to hear from anyone who is working in the industry now (or starting out on their roadie career) and would like to share their experiences. Please get in touch with Clare via email on
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The US embassy in London has turned down Pete's application for a working visa - even though the respective authorities in the US homeland had already approved it. The US embassy did not say why they turned down the application.
Arrangements are being made for a bass player to stand in for Pete on the USA tourdates, and will let you know shortly who this will be.
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If you catch news of Paul Raymond's death it's not my Paul, it's the other one.
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I fucking knew it! Pete's already working with Finn again. WTF? Does he not want to still work with Phil and Paul or is he going off with Finn again and leaving the group? Someone's been taking photos of them, so it's not just rumour. What an arse! He's either not planning on coming back to the states or is pulling something a bit sneakier. Maybe he's just bored and tired of resting. God only knows with him. Ask him three times and you'd get four different answers.


The night out with Stephanie ended early, as we're both old and this town sucks. Three different bars, no bands, and a trip to Walmart then straight home. There weren't even any shops open. Nothing to do. On a Friday night. This sucks. The buffalo pizza was good, but what a entertainment-free night. Great to talk to her and hang out, but a little skint on the whole music/dancing thing. Oh well.

Wine tasting at Andrew's tomorrow, and I think Rocket Boyz are playing at Club Crystal tomorrow night. Steph's off scrapbooking - pity, she could use a good night out on the town instead of drunkenly wandering around WalMart.


Feb. 12th, 2008 07:57 am
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Not wishing to be the voice of doom but I just saw this posted on the
ill-fated Planet Rock Forum.

Please God let it not be true...

I went to Sin City tonight to see Michael Schenker and the omens are not
good. He stormed off through, ironically, Attack Of The Mad Axeman.
Total confusion; nobody knows where he has gone. He threw his guitar
down, disappeared for two minutes while the band stared at the stage
exit, came back on for a minute, threw away the guitar again and left.
The fans were just bemused after half a show, the band don't know what's
happening, the roadie is looking up the dole office in yellow pages and
the staff at the building said he just stormed down the stairs and has
gone. They have sent a posse out to find him, but nobody knows where he

Oh well, an eventful day all round.

So if anyone's seen a balding blonde German guitarist floating about, please return him to the proper authorities.

Thank you.


Feb. 10th, 2008 07:43 pm
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A mate of mine called Pete an ass. I don't think she quite gets it. Love her to bits, but that's how life for me is. No strings means exactly that. On both sides. It should probably hurt more, but what can I do about things? I've never been one to demand fidelity from my mates - it would be kind of hypocritical wouldn't it? Aside from being totally unreasonable. There's too much time, time away and apart and alone for any sort of 'normal' relationship to be had. That's life on the road, and why so many marriages that are attempted break up. It's worse when both parties have careers of their own. When it's one career and the partner just is along for the ride it can be different. But even then it just doesn't work most of the time. You get handed things on the road, temptation is too great. The expectation is that one's to be naughty. If you're not, you're excluded from everything. Shunned for not drinking or partying or being cool enough. The dragon feeds on itself. Ha, lead me into temptation, show me the right side of wrong indeed. Crew is usually the worst, pushing things on you and being gruff and base. I quite like the crew I've been with. They're not saints, but neither are the band. For everything I've been through I love 'em tho, it's been quite the little family.

Tonio, Andre, and Vin

Mogga and Dave Lights

Andre and Paul

Don't want the ride to end. Wish I could stay out and work, but it's not healthy for me. Too much of a good time. There really is no getting over the road, is there? The fever always comes back and bites hard.

Highway run
Into the midnight sun
Wheels go round and round
You're on my mind
Restless hearts
Sleep alone tonight
Sending all my love
Along the wire

They say that the road
Ain't no place to start a family
Right down the line
It's been you and me
And lovin' a music man
Ain't always what it's supposed to be
Oh, girl, you stand by me
I'm forever yours

Circus life
Under the big top world
We all need the clowns
To make us smile
Through space and time
Always another show
Wondering where I am
Lost without you

And being apart
Ain't easy on this love affair
Two strangers learn to fall in love again
I get the joy of rediscovering you
Oh, girl, you stand by me
I'm forever yours


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