Sep. 9th, 2017


Sep. 9th, 2017 02:59 pm
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Survived the floods when many around us did not. Not much to say on that subject, I'm sure the news has said enough by now.

After not writing for 9 months I suddenly was hit by three new fic ideas yesterday out of nowhere. Might write one, the other two not so much. Finally l95% done with my last commission so might actually have time to write for a bit. I'm probably so rusty by now it will be horrible but have to start somewhere.

Gong to work in two hours. Not sure if I should just hang around the house until them or head out to the store. Need an office chair and some black fabric dye. Not the kind of thing to buy online, but I really don't like driving around with the roads and traffic the way they are. Maybe when some more roads reopen it will be better, but for now it's a nightmare with every single car in a three county radius using 99 as the only open North-South route. Yesterday Google said the drive time was only 350% of normal, so it is getting better as people realize you simply cannot get there from here.

Been biking a lot tho. Getting to see a lot of the damage upclose and see a lot of the neighborhoods I've never been through. Almost made it down to Camp Cinco yesterday but the path was still flooded out. Lots of mud. Took me an hour to bike back.

Rightey, off to Joann Fabrics I guess then work.


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