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Dw is telling me 145 entries not copied over from LJ. Actually it's weird, says transfer complete then right below it says transfer failed. ??? Not sure which posts it failed to copy over. Everything looks ok on first glance.

Bought a motorcycle today. Guy was actually pretty decent. Ex-Army dude, decent enough neighborhood. Bike's in fair condition, some minor rust and wear issues, but all the mechanical bits are good. Back tyre needs replacing, but he gave us the new one, just hasn't put it on. William drove the bike home, god bless him. He got lost along the way when he couldn't keep up with me. Poor man has zero sense of direction. He pulled over and txted where he was, so I told him to keep going west and he didn't know where west was. I could have told him left, but I didn't know what direction he was facing. At least his mother admits she has no directional sense. William's too stubborn.

Dad's burial is scheduled for 5/15. Uugh, I don't want to go to NY for a people planting. We've already had services and said goodbye, just pop the casket in the dirt. I don't understand his family sometimes. It's not his dad, not in any real sense of what matters. It's just a fancy box with some biological waste. Not like it's gonna be open casket five months post mortem.

And need to get the car's oil changed. Wanted to do it myself but William says no. I watched how to do it and found all the right sockets and everything, he still says no. Hate to tell him that the monkeys at a quicklube or WalMart aren't going to have much more training that I do, and I can 100% guarantee you they care a lot less.

He's got jury duty tomorrow as well. One more pain in the arse to deal with. Doesn't look like it's in a good neighborhood and it's far away from here, so I hope he doesn't get picked. I'd kick up a fuss about the back injury and needing to charge and weasel my way out of it but he probably won't.


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