May. 8th, 2010 04:11 pm
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I'm waiting for Eric to show up, bloody muso's, never on time. Might as well up the pics of the new guitar.

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Have decided to adopt Dorian. How could I not? There's no way anyone else would take him. Have been talking with his foster mom Mary. She's had him for a long time, the poor guy. He's deaf too, which is fine with me. Boo was blind and it didn't slow him down one bit. Better, in a way. One of the studio cats at Suma was deaf and he was the only one who would stay in the live room while we were tracking.

Going to get him Friday after work. It's a 14 hour drive one way. Would be ok if I was just riding like normal, but I'm gonna have to drive most of the way after working a full day. Don't really think I've driven that long in a while, last time was probably meeting the Leptards in Indiana. There was the ill-thought-out drive to Texas that one week, but I'd prefer not to remember that.

The name even fits. Bob's real name was Basil Rathbone (from Sherlock Holmes and Basil the Snake from Clockwork Orange). Boo's real name was Boudreaux, given to him by the breeder, but Boo was from Boo Radley. Dorian Grey fits. William is estatis he will have a companion again. The days are long and lonely when you can't leave the house.

So, aside from all that, did some work on the new Jackson. Discovered it's newer than I thought, around 1996 or so. Best of all it's a PC-1 with the original headstock. Doesn't have the ebow thing on the bridge pickup, but it does have the 0-nut. Wilkinson trem, not a kahler, but that's ok. The sustainer like Phil's got would have made it a 1500-2000 guitar; I'm happy with the free one. Does need to be re-wired, Phil uses Dimarzio's in his for that 'aargh' sound, this one with the factory pickups is a little "eermpf". A Super three would give me the same sound, maybe put a HS2 in the middle. I don't know yet, have to see what's in Spare Part Land. Looks like my weekend plans have suddenly changed.
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Picture post.

Snow in town. Yes, we still have lots of snow available. Free. Come and get it. In fact, take lots home with you. I'm tired of it.

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And now some for [ profile] babzz. Photos of the 1275 and me (looking horribly pathetic after a day at the SurgiCentre).

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I thought this place was going to have a pirate theme. I heard it was the Arrrgh-Bar, as in R-Bar. Oh well. Was a short lived giggle.

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PS - Almost forgot to add pics of my new babies. The LP Studio (the Standard got traded out - long story) and my 335. Gorgeous things.




Also embarrassing, a band I've been working for does a cover of 'Smokin' in the Boys Room'. I always thought they had good taste, 'cos no one but me seems to have ever heard of Brownsville Station. Finally got up the nerve to congrat them on picking a good song for a change and they had no clue who Brownsville was, they knew it as a Motley Crew song. Fucking figures. Mop Hoople, eh?


Mar. 12th, 2008 10:38 pm
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William has gotten me drunk and bought me a 335. It's pretty. Tobacco sunburst wiht Grover tuners. Again, action's a bit high, but not as bad as the Standard is.

THat was the best way to answer today's madness. My house is starting to look like Paul Gilbert's second bedroom. Stupid crazy. It was crazy yesterday before the 335.

Whee, more chianti! Bring it boys! Makes me feel like pawing through the band's gear like a kid in a sweet shop. Drunk and high and exhausted but so alive.
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Add another one to the collection. A Standard this time. Black with cream binding. The action needs to be lowered and the intonation is a bit off, but it's got good structure. Alnico pickups. Might change them out, haven't hooked it up to an amp yet.

So in one week, I've gotten a Standard, a Strat, and the 1275. I think I need to stop talking to George Gruhn. At this rate I'll have no room left for sleeping. The 1275's already claimed the left half of the bed. The PRS has been relegated to the sofa.

Tomorrow is sure to be hell on earth, then I get a bit of a breather for a week. Dexter is going away to vacation - he's saying it's an educational conference suddenly, but hey, if he wants to lie to everyone that's his own business. He should be like the rest of us and have his drugs sent via FedEx.

William found my CD of Pete's stuff. He says he likes it. Interesting. He knocks Phil's lyric abilities but I caught him moving to a few of the tunes. 'Cherry' in particular. He caught right on to what that one was about. No surprise. Still trying to keep them seperate. What happens on the road stays on the road.

The Standard! With William. He's actually been quite lovable today. Probably 'cos he's all guitared out. Guitarded. I should glue his shoes together.


Out the back window. Couldn't see out the window 'cos it's all still iced over. The city is almost pretty when the clean ice and snow covers up all the shite.


Have to go pick up Guitarded at the bar. Wish me luck tomorrow.


Mar. 5th, 2008 01:58 pm
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I've done it! I ordered and put a deposit on my own 1275! Vintage red, not the cream white. It will take a while before it's ready, but it's MINE! Mine all mine! The Razor! Hahahahaha! I rule the fucking world!


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