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The dreaded Chapter 18....

In my many months of being off line I seemingly missed this whole second addition to the series. I have written of this before. It was painful.

In my haste to catch up with the rest of the fandom, I had a long sit-down-and-read marathon last night. Got to chapter 18 in COMT and had to stop.

There was a lot of flack over this chapter (kind of happy I missed out on that) and many people had very good points about multiple issues.

I loved it.

I feel that it is too long past to go back and comment on the post about it now, but I think it was very IC and true to how she is writing Snape's character. I guess being in that type of situation myself kind of I can see why Snape would do it, so I'm less likely to freak out reading about it. My head's been in that position before and still is in a way. I thought I was just rather open-minded with my husband and some of our preferences. There are some things I am not physically capable of doing, and vice-versa.

Been there, it happens, life moves on. A table with three legs is infinately more stable that a table with two. Without getting too personal, you can be monogomous and have multiple extras in and out of the bedroom.

And now they both know, there will not be that lingering doubt about the whole 'female' situation. At least for Harry. Snape I think would make a good swinger if he'd open up a little more and chose to do it freely. Not like his past ... obligations. While it might still be hawt man-sex, the other elements get in the way of that aspect for me.

And really, who wants to read about Crabbes and/or Goyles Sr. in that sort of situation?

Ok, so now I've said more than I think I ever have on that subject. If you haven't figured out now I'm reserved/shy/quiet, and attempting to use LJ to break out of myself a little bit. Talk to people more. Unfortunately, not having a net connex at home does put a damper on this a little.

Snape as swinger... Simply delicious. Time to go to the restroom I fear. Sometimes, I'd rther have a bulge than a wet spot.


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