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Rock and Roooooollllll!!!!

What a goof. Russ was so happy to see us last night. He got a new custom Jackson done by Dan Lawrence. It wasn't as good as some of Dan's other jobs I've seen, obviously. Don't care much for the Warrior line anyway. They threw in an Ozzy tune for us, shocked the hell out of us. I had no idea Russ could play like that. He's always been a bit of a joke - hitting wrong notes and not having any rhythm. Something's changed, or maybe it was just a good night. He was more animated, getting out in the crowd and working it. Still stunk on a lot of the 'modern' covers. The Bad Co. tune is just horrible, they need to drop it. But they whipped out 'I Don't Know' and rocked it. Drummer fucked it up and Gary tripped over it, but Russ was just amazing. Never going to be more than a small venue type band, but Russ looked like he had the promise of doing something a bit more last night. The others... (sigh)

Back to the task at hand, anyone with any recommendations for cleaning tolex? Somehow there's some pink sticky stuff on one of my cabs. Think someone might have spilled a girl drink on it, but it also looks kinda like bubble gum. There's just a lot of dirt in the little crevices I can't get with a sponge and a toothbrush just hasn't done the trick either.
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I thought this place was going to have a pirate theme. I heard it was the Arrrgh-Bar, as in R-Bar. Oh well. Was a short lived giggle.

Monopod seems to be helping )

PS - Almost forgot to add pics of my new babies. The LP Studio (the Standard got traded out - long story) and my 335. Gorgeous things.




Also embarrassing, a band I've been working for does a cover of 'Smokin' in the Boys Room'. I always thought they had good taste, 'cos no one but me seems to have ever heard of Brownsville Station. Finally got up the nerve to congrat them on picking a good song for a change and they had no clue who Brownsville was, they knew it as a Motley Crew song. Fucking figures. Mop Hoople, eh?

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Pics from last night, crossposted to MySpace. Unfortunately, the masses all seem to be on MySpace as the average intelligence requirement is a bit lower. The band did make mention that they saw my photos, which frankly is amazing. The small gigs I don't even bother to announce that I'm putting photos up. It's just a personal thing and there's no money made. Which is why I was happy when Mr. Law took his images and used them. The 'bigger' shows I either have permission, or as in the case of Genesis, I was only one out of a thousand or so who snuck a camera in so I'm not too worried about posting those. If Tony Banks wants to sue me, he can be my guest.

Figured I'd put it up as a slideshow to save on the html. Electrons are a horrible thing to waste.

Odd how the Slideshow Java script doesn't seem to work in LJ. Maybe I will end up putting it all behind a cut. :(

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Feb. 24th, 2008 10:57 pm
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First of all, I need to say something.

Germans are crazy. Each and every one of them.

Second, we'll back up to Saturday. The night was a complete waste. Best thing of the night was the Dio that the one and only tech had playing over the PA during set breaks. Viv/Dio, of course, 'cos I don't get enough strange, vaguely suspicious looks from my husband.

  1. Singer was ill. Tried the best he could and had another vocalist from a local group help him out and take over half the songs.

  2. Band is still playing to what they hear in their head, not to what the other blokes are playing.

  3. lack of direction. No one was leading the group. At one point things stopped completely on stage and there was total silence.

  4. Feedback was terrible. There was a ground loop somewhere to add to the pleasant pinkiness.

  5. Did I mention no crew, save the mixer-come-LD? It's hard enough to run one board, let alone two simultaneously.

  6. I think I saw the band doing their own in and out. Yikes. I didn't realize just how spoilt I've become lately.

  7. Getting pissed and trying to play isn't cool, be it McShitty's in Scriba or Wembley. Have some professionalism.

Yeah, so that was a fun time. The 'club' (and I use the term loosely) had some sort of pajama party going on so it was either 200kg heifers in sheer babydolls or underage tramps with no knowledge of how to walk in heels, nor any self respect. I kept my coat on over my tank top and aside from a walk into the wings sorting out the various electrical problems just hung at the back like a gray. One guy (maybe 18) decided to wear his sister's pajamas to the party, bra and all. He was having a great alcohol-fuelled night, but was kind of scary to look at. Just the sheer number of people with out any self respect was amazing. You don't get laid by being sleazy. Well, maybe you get pulled by an IATSE guy, but you don't get anywhere you want to get that way.

Third, spent Sunday with the nieces and nephews. Liam kept getting yelled at. Russ and Kathy always seem to discipline him much stricter than the girls. Nell was a brat at the end of the day. She put mouse in my hair and was playing stylist, which is all good fun, but then she put toothpaste in and spray deodorant as well. Damn near choked me with the fog of antiperspirant.

Reet's 65th Birthday today, so we had her favourite chocolate cup cakes with peanut butter frosting. It was not easy to make those this morning after staying up to 3am and having a few strange people camp out. All in all it was a good day tho. I'm tired, but the kids had their fill of their favourite Aunt Suz and this time only two of them went home crying that they wanted to come live with me. Poor kids.

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This is the view out into the back yard. Lots of animal tracks. Bob kept sniffing the turkey prints as he's decided he's the great hunter again. He wasn't at all interested in the deer or fox tracks, which was a bit unusual. He was certainly in turkey mode tonight.


Fourth, there is a shortage of public toilets in Twickenham! Everyone, on three, pee on the sidewalk! 'SatLav'?? They're not joking either. Text "toilet" to 80097 and it tells you the location and hours of the nearest public toilet. Brilliant, eh?

Fifth, just to make McCue happy, I have to go to some Crizal educational programme tomorrow night. Don't know how long it will take or when I'll be back. Really don't want to go but don't have much choice in the matter. I'm hoping to hide in the back and avoid my boss most of the night. I'll sit and listen, but he always makes a spectacle of himself. I hope they have some good veggie items at this supper and not just rigatoni in a chafing dish. So tired of catering.

Six: Put up the DL Mountainview '88 show for anyone who wants it. It's not bad.


ROCK OF AGES (What do You Want - Audience participation)

Seven: Time to get off the box and go to bed.


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