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Rock and Roooooollllll!!!!

What a goof. Russ was so happy to see us last night. He got a new custom Jackson done by Dan Lawrence. It wasn't as good as some of Dan's other jobs I've seen, obviously. Don't care much for the Warrior line anyway. They threw in an Ozzy tune for us, shocked the hell out of us. I had no idea Russ could play like that. He's always been a bit of a joke - hitting wrong notes and not having any rhythm. Something's changed, or maybe it was just a good night. He was more animated, getting out in the crowd and working it. Still stunk on a lot of the 'modern' covers. The Bad Co. tune is just horrible, they need to drop it. But they whipped out 'I Don't Know' and rocked it. Drummer fucked it up and Gary tripped over it, but Russ was just amazing. Never going to be more than a small venue type band, but Russ looked like he had the promise of doing something a bit more last night. The others... (sigh)

Back to the task at hand, anyone with any recommendations for cleaning tolex? Somehow there's some pink sticky stuff on one of my cabs. Think someone might have spilled a girl drink on it, but it also looks kinda like bubble gum. There's just a lot of dirt in the little crevices I can't get with a sponge and a toothbrush just hasn't done the trick either.

Quiz Time!

Oct. 28th, 2008 10:52 pm
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Here's a quick way to experience a 'Day in the Life' of The Soob. That would be me. Take this quiz and see how you do. Only six questions, but a pain in the testicles.

If you pick all the more expensive signal chains without choosing the SM57 DI then you're hitting around my ears. If they all sound the same to you, keep your Ipod.

Yes, studio work is this much fun.


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