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Terry didn't win last night. Alas, have not spoken to Jim yet to see how he's taking it. I miss the drunk bastard, evn if I have to keep everything bottled up now 'cos William gets so jealous.

Managed to pop in at home and hang out with Liam for a few hours. Kid has been on the kit twice in his whole life (18" kick) and he whipped into a Queen song. Nice. He's got talent for a seven year old, just hope I can keep him in it long enough to get somewhere. Can't even sit on the throne 'cos he's too short but... Really should hook him up with Joey for lessons, but driving him to South Syracuse and back 3x week is a bit much. Maybe VanHorn or Vulture has some free time they can work with him. We'll see.

Speaking of thrones, busted the shit out of my right hand trying to lower one of those cheap ass things with the single wingnut. Big chunk gone out of my right ring finger. Kept banging on it 'cos it was stuck all the way up and when it finally let go took a bit of me with it. Fucker. Hurts like hell but no perm. damage.

Worked with Paul last night, have to say this foh guy they got was one of the worst yet. Expensive too, could have had Wizard for about $50 more. These guys must have gotten an inheritance or something, all of their cases were brand new, snake had no tape on it, cabs were clean... Two Crowns and two QSC's, one delay/reverb, and that was it. Little 8 chan Allen & Heath that they didn't know how to use. Sounded like crap. Uhh, hello? Just 'cos you bought it last week doesn't mean you're gonna know how to use it. I hate these people who come into a bit of money, get the gear from Musician's Friend and then are suddenly working gigs. Old rant. Anyroad, Ron showed up without my knowledge. I think William thought we planned it or something, he got really upset to see Ron standing there. Whatever dude, certainly not going there again, not after what Viv's told me. I don't do Italian anymore.

Have had 'Cliffs of Dover' in my head the last few days. Damn thing won't shut off.

Think that's about it. Two more days at the eye doctor's and then I'm outta there! Not that living on a shelf is great, but the company is.

I am suddenly reminded exactly how much DaveM whines. OMG, he's worse than I am.

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